Leaked Spoilers for Black Clover Season 5 Read Online

When Studio Pierrot decided to stop the Black Clover television anime series, it was one of the most upsetting decisions in the history of the genre. The translation was abruptly cancelled after 170 episodes had been aired, and just as the show was getting ready to adapt some of the most popular chapters from Yuki Tabata’s original manga series. Although many fans had vivid memories of the Bleach anime’s 2004 break from which it never returned, the lack of a return date for the translation was especially worrisome. So, when will Black Clover return has become one of the most pressing concerns of viewers of the anime and readers of the manga? Not everything can be answered with a simple yes or no answer here.

One of the most anticipated anime projects with next to no verified information is the fifth season of Black Clover. Many viewers took the 2022 teaser as a “special announcement” for the franchise to be the resumption of the anime. However, as of this writing, the franchise has announced that the first feature, Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King, would premiere on Netflix in June 2023. Fans of the anime adaptation were naturally dismayed by the news, despite the fact that any anime production is a promising indicator of the resumption of the core series for a fifth season. Although there has been no official word about the series’ comeback, fans have speculated on when and where they could hear it. Many people think that an announcement of a new season of the anime series will come after the film’s premiere or be a part of it. As previously reported, the release date for the Black Clover film is slated for June 2023, so fans will have to wait at least that long for formal confirmation.

The time that the series might potentially return
Even if the anime series is confirmed to return for a fifth season, a June 2023 or later announcement would not augur well for a speedy revival. As the film adaptation of The Sword in the Stone King has already been delayed owing to production concerns, it’s doubtful that serious work has begun on the fifth season. The earliest that fans might expect a fifth season is the spring of 2024. Studio Pierrot needs additional time to create a quality adaptation of the show, thus a more realistic return date is the Fall 2024 season.

With the series’s massive popularity in Shueisha’s shonen library, fans are entitled to a similarly high-quality adaptation. Because of the fantastic work, Studio Pierrot did on the Bleach: TYBW anime series, which shows they are just as capable of producing high-quality animation as any other company. Pierrot could certainly split up Black Clover’s later arcs in a similar fashion to favour quality over quantity to make up for the comparatively low episode count of the series’ initial section.

At this point in the anime
Anime fans of Black Clover may remember that episode 170 concluded with Asta and Yuno both preparing in their own manner for the approaching Spade Kingdom Raid. The former had recently ended a contract with Liebe, while the latter had stopped training to have a word with Langris Vaude and Yuno. Asta and Nacht Faust, vice-captain of the Black Bulls, were slated to fight when Asta signed a deal with Liebe.

Asta and Yuno’s planning for the Spade Kingdom Raid shows that the series ended right before the eponymous operation. At episode 170, the anime has only adapted the equivalent of 9 chapters of the arc, leaving 61 chapters unadapted. These 61 chapters are widely considered to be one of the greatest in the series canon, packed as they are with memorable events and dramatic developments. If Season 5 of the show is ever made, there will be lots of great material to work with.

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