[Trending] Spoilers for Boruto chapter 79 Leaked Raw Scans, Preview, Storyline Released Online

Several spoilers pointing to a significant narrative surprise in Boruto have been leaked while readers wait for the release of chapter 79 of the manga. After Kawaki was shown to be responsible for Naruto and Hinata’s absence, Boruto and other Konoha shinobi, including Sasuke, restrained him. Now that Eida, who has a crush on Kawaki, has entered the situation, he will disclose a terrible power that will destroy Boruto’s life. The fact that Amado synthesised Eida and gave her the ninjutsu-enabling cells from the Otsutsuki God Shibai makes her already a dangerously potent opponent. But now we have to wait for her supporters to witness the full extent of her powers.

Spoilers for Boruto Chapter 79 expose eida’s terrifying influence on practically all of Konoha
In chapter 56 of the Code arc, it was revealed that Eida was a cyborg brought out of cryogenic hibernation by Code to help him in his quest for vengeance against those responsible for Isshiki’s death. Eida took the opportunity and shared that she had two unique skills. The first one gives her a bird’s eye view of her whole life, beginning with her birth and continuing up to the present day. The second talent, on the other hand, enchants everyone and renders them helpless against her. All save the Otsutsuki, close relatives, Sarada, and Sumire will experience the benefits of these powers. Spoilers for Boruto chapter 79 suggest that after being paralysed in the previous chapter, Kawaki would manage to elude Shikamaru, Sasuke, and Mitsuki. As Eida uses her Senringan to track down Kawaki, she’ll be able to personally reassure him that he has an ally in her.

Nevertheless, in Boruto chapter 79, Kawaki will have an emotional breakdown because of his desire to safeguard Naruto. He’ll vent to Eida about how much he hates murdering Boruto because he knows the Hokage’s kid is innocent. It would have been much simpler for him to eliminate Boruto and Momoshiki if the two had been outsiders like himself. Then he’ll admit that he wants to switch places with Boruto, making Boruto an outcast while he becomes Naruto Uzumaki’s kid. As for the next episode, Eida will use a previously undisclosed power to control everyone’s memories in order to grant Kawaki’s request. Kawaki will become Naruto’s kid after the switch, while Boruto will be seen as the outsider responsible for the Hokage’s abduction. For this reason, everything in the tale will shift as a result of Eida’s godlike omnipotence.

Considerations for the Future
Fans are left wondering how Boruto and Kawaki will deal with their lives being radically transformed by Eida’s near-omnipotent ability to rewrite history. Sarada, Amado, and Sumire are expected to support Boruto despite Eida’s abilities, so he may confront Konoha’s wrath without fear. Sasuke is presumed unharmed as well, which means he will fight for Boruto’s survival in some capacity, but exactly how this will work remains a mystery.

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