Complete Summaries for One Piece chapter 1078, New Raw Scans Leaked Online

On Thursday, March 16, scanlations of One Piece chapter 1078 were made available, bringing with them the fascinating, albeit unauthorised, translation of the newest issue. Despite the fact that these are not official translations, there are usually only small discrepancies between them and the ones that are. Fans have been speculating about the “Egghead Incident” presented in One Piece chapter 1078 ever since the issue was leaked online. They’re passionately debating the event’s possible nature and its consequences for the Straw Hats and the World Government. Nevertheless, it has been pointed out that the series, and more notably the Dressrosa Arc, may already include a canonical hint to certain elements of the Egghead Incident.

It’s possible that the Egghead Incident introduced in One Piece chapter 1078 is more of a continuation of the setup established in earlier chapters. The scanlations of One Piece chapter 1078, which took readers to virtually every major organisation and meeting on Egghead Island at the moment, actually covered all the bases of the Egghead Island Arc at this point. The departing citizens of Egghead Island, the present situation of each Straw Hat gang, and even Dr Vegapunk and Jewelry Bonney were all featured in the most recent edition. A three-month prequel set in Mariejois and included the same anonymous calls from Egghead to the World Government as the arc’s beginning. Dr Vegapunk’s investigation into the Void Century, as disclosed by the mysterious caller, set in motion a chain reaction that ultimately resulted in the events of the present day.

Despite the fact that the Egghead Incident was initiated three months before the present events, that may not be the earliest mention of it in canon; One Piece chapter 1078 at least implicitly stated as much. Several viewers, in light of this recent information dump and tease on the aforementioned event, were reminded of a similar remark made by the series’ narrator in the series’ last moments of the Dressrosa Arc. In Chapter 800, which was published in September 2015, the Straw Hat Grand Fleet was established. The commanders of the different armies that battled with the Straw Hats and Luffy in Dressrosa vowed their devotion to the organisation during a sake toast. Even though the characters drifted apart after the arc ended, the narrator left readers with a foreboding message. In the official translations, it was said that each of these groups would “increase in strength until they finally caused a big incident of historic proportions.”

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that the official translations of One Piece chapter 1078 all use the word “event,” which is identical to the language used by the series’ narrator in the unauthorised versions. However, the consensus is that the narrator’s monologue and the setup of the “Egghead Incident” will be rendered identically in official translations. Fan theories attribute at least some of this to the anticipated return of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. Yet, this raises the question of how the Grand Fleet will locate Egghead. Thankfully, this method had already been developed before the events of Chapter 1078 of One Piece. In episode 801, Luffy gave the Vivre Cards that were modelled after him to Bellamy, Sabo, and the other leaders of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. Most followers know that when the life power of the person attached to a Vivre Card decreases, the card will eventually burn up.

Considering how far the events of Wano had already pushed Luffy, it’s plausible that the Straw Hat Grand Fleet was already obeying the Vivre Card’s directives at the end of the arc. Similarly, Luffy’s life energy might still deteriorate on Egghead Isle if he continues battling the Seraphim for no reason, as seen in Chapter 1078 of One Piece. This means that the Straw Hat Grand Fleet may very well be on their way to Egghead Island right now, and it’s not out of the question. As compared to Admiral Kizaru’s reinforcements, which number over 100 Marine ships, the Grand Fleet’s 69 ships and over 5,600 fighters make for a very even force. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly likely that the Straw Hat Grand Fleet will play a significant part in the Egghead Incident.

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