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On March 15, 2023, raw scans for One Piece chapter 1078 were made public, providing a fascinating early peek at the issue. Additionally, the revelation of the raw scans almost formally confirms the previously revealed material. Importantly, it appears that Vegapunk York is the Vegapunk traitor. The raw scans of One Piece chapter 1078 explain how she did this, perhaps by anonymously phoning Mariejois and informing them about Dr Vegapunk’s study into the Void Century. She may have even discussed this with the Gorosei personally, which would help shed light on why Saint Jaygarcia Saturn has decided to visit Egghead Isle on his own. In Chapter 1078 of One Piece, Vegapunk York’s betrayal of her brothers in the “Egghead Incident” is detailed.

Raw Scans
The raw scans for One Piece chapter 1078 start with the cover story, which depicts Caesar Clown and Vinsmoke Judge of the “NEO MADS” holding hands and proclaiming their establishment. Soldiers from Germa 66 can be seen celebrating the reunion, but Judge’s offspring and Germa force leaders, Vinsmoke Reiju and Vinsmoke Icihiji can be seen sighing. Following this, Stussy opens the issue’s plot material by sharing an announcement with Sentomaru. She seems worried, and after hearing her comments, he does too. Given that he inspires the inhabitants of Egghead to start leaving in the panels that follow, it appears likely that she informed him of Kizaru’s soldiers’ impending approach, as the full summary spoilers had predicted. Franky’s crew takes over as the point of view in One Piece chapter 1078 raw scans, with Usopp and Vegapunk Lilith still in a state of complete terror. Half of Franky’s upper body and all of his lower body is petrified, yet he is still able to communicate and move his left arm. Here, he and Vegapunk Pythagoras say something to S-Snake that apparently irritates her, as seen by the fact that she steps on Pythagoras’ head.

When she leaves, the issue switches back to Nico Robin and his friends to see the aftermath of the attack, which includes a huge explosion. While talking about something, Robin, Tony Tony Chopper, and Vegapunk Atlas are seen speeding around the lab. It appears like the group makes a course correction after hearing a statement from Atlas, and then the topic is framed differently once more. Thereafter, the raw scans of Chapter 1078 of One Piece centre on Nami’s crew, as she is shown clutching Vegapunk Edison while Brook transforms into his ghost form. Spoilers for the entire plot implied that this was a mission to find Dr Vegapunk himself while Sanji held off S-Shark. When we talk about Sanji, we witness him taking a hit from S-Shark and seemingly not getting hurt at all. Again, the focus of the issue moves to Luffy, Zoro, and the company. Once the gang has finished talking about something, Zoro runs out, and Luffy orders Kaku to follow him so that he doesn’t get lost.

The story’s perspective turns once again to a flashback of Mariejois, and the narrator begins speaking. A panel depicting Cipher Pol operatives presenting a paper to Dr Vegapunk suggests that someone is communicating with the World Government about his investigation. It appears that this unknown individual made a second contact with the World Government, but before the flashback continues, we witness Luffy and Lucci fighting S-Bear. The next scene in One Piece Chapter 1078 has the Gorosei conversing with someone, while Jewelry Bonney sobs in front of physical reminders of her late father. According to earlier revelations, the traitor is Vegapunk York, who stands in for Dr Vegapunk’s greed. Vice Admiral Doll, Admiral Kizaru, and Saint Jaygarcia Saturn of the Gorosei are among the Marines heading to Egghead Island in this issue.

It then cuts to views of the Thousand Sunny, Admiral Akainu, Gear 5 Luffy, and the Gorosei member who looks like Gorbachev. Before the last viewpoint switch in One Piece chapter 1078, we get a quick glimpse of Egghead Island. This time, the story moves the audience to the dungeon where Dr Vegapunk is being held. The assailant approaches Dr Vegapunk, where Vegapunk Shaka lies apparently unconscious or dead. In the issue’s last pages, we see Vegapunk York, armed with a gun, approached Dr Vegapunk and explain her motivations to him.

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