[Updated] My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 17 Storyline, Summaries & What to Expect

The official episode summary and preview photos for “My Hero Academia” Season 6 Episode 17 have been released by Studio BONES. The Todoroki family and the truth behind what happened to Toya will take up the bulk of “The Wrong Way to Put Out a Fire.”In Season 6, Episode 17, of “My Hero Academia,” we’ll pick up right where we left off. Rei Todoroki goes to see her severely injured husband, Enji Todoroki, or Endeavor, to discuss their eldest son, Toya Todoroki, aka Dabi. Toya’s death has been confirmed after Endeavor was unable to locate him during the blaze.

Since then, he has managed to live and find himself in this circumstance, and this is what the upcoming episode will focus on. It will also show who is to blame for his predicament. Only Endeavor is blamed for what happened to his kid, but in the next episode, we’ll find that even he wasn’t in charge. Episode 17 of Season 6 of “My Hero Academia” will tell the narrative of the dissolution of the Todoroki family and Toya’s “hope and despair” saga. A look into the origins of the Todorokis’ darkest secrets is promised. In addition, the future episode will explain why Endeavor wanted Toya to be born so that she may one day be even greater than himself and the top hero, All Might. It will also explain why Shoto Todoroki’s parents were so cruel to him.

Meanwhile, the new sneak peek photographs reveal a youthful Toya, providing further insight into his history. As a child, his once-red hair is gradually turning white. While with the other son, he is seen with burns all over his body as his father scolds him. The boy is weeping and giving his father the iciest gaze he can muster. A close-up of Endeavor’s face shows that he is visibly distressed. The bags under his eyes are a telltale sign that he’s already losing control and heading for a downward spiral. The final still from episode 17 of Season 6 of “My Hero Academia” depicts Rei cuddling an infant Shoto who has a blank expression on his face.

The Todoroki family’s situation is dire, and it’s about to get far worse. Now, Endeavor must face the consequences of his actions and publicly and personally apologise for them. Meanwhile, Shoto must bear the burden of his damaged family. Toya has become one of the most infamous criminals in the world, while Rei has recently been released from a mental institution. On Saturday, January 28th, fans may watch Episode 17 of Season 6 of “My Hero Academia” and learn more about the Todoroki family.

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