That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime Chapter 104 Spoilers, Leaks, Release Date, Storyline & Much More to Read about this Chapter

It won’t be long till the Tempest Founding Festival. Plus, Rimuru has grand designs of having all the aristocracy relocate to his nation. This will be the first time monsters have shown they have feelings like humans. However, it doesn’t look like readers will get the chance to catch up on the chapter any time soon.

The author has been away for the month of this writing. Followers may witness the celebration get underway in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Chapter 104. Myourmiles is in control now that Rimuru put him there. But can he really keep up with the rest of the crowd?

Chapter 103 of “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” was originally titled “Fairy of the Labyrinth.” Rimuru started the chapter by requesting Myourmiles to organise the event. Because of Rimuru’s confidence in him, he felt a surge of emotion. Myourmiles thus determined to give it his all. As he dealt with the noble who had been bothering Myourmiles, Rimuru urged Ranga to return to Tempest. After that, Rimuru went around to other locations to spread the word about his event. After meeting Fuze at the Blumund Branch of the Freedom Association, Rimuru presented him with a card.

He was hesitant, but he decided to take it. The conversation quickly shifted to a discussion of the Holy charge and Hinata. Once again at Rimuru city, Ramiris stopped for refuge. She warned Gobkyu, one of the construction workers, to leave. But then Rimuru showed there and busted Ramiris red-handed. He had, however, been formulating a cunning scheme behind the scenes. He decided to use Ramiris’ abilities to construct a dungeon for the event. This marked the end of the section.

Chapter 104: “That Time I Was Reborn as a Slime”: Spoilers & Predictions
Chapter 104 of That Time I Was Reborn as a Slime has not yet been given a title. However, it won’t be available until the event begins. As the nation of Tempest prepares to celebrate its founding, a massive festival is being planned. All the different kinds of monsters and demons may gather together and rejoice in the fact that they are all one big happy family. The celebration will go off with a massive parade that will feature performances by people of many ethnic backgrounds and a show of military might.

In his address to the assembled throng, Rimuru, king of Tempest, will stress the need for harmony and collaboration amongst all races. Competitions, games, and performances will be held at various points throughout the festival. Even foreign dignitaries, both friends and foes, will be present at the event, as well Rimuru’s closest supporters and friends. Fireworks and a huge feast will cap off the festivities commemorating Tempest’s establishment. The Tempest Founding Festival will be a time of joyous celebration, but it will also be a time to show the world that the nation is strong and united. Moreover, it will serve as a constant reminder of the need of working toward national security and economic growth.

Publication Date for Chapter 104
New instalments will not be released in January. On February 25, 2023, readers may anticipate the release of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Chapter 104.

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