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My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 17, “The Wrong Way to Put Out a Fire,” will air on Saturday, January 28 at 2:30 AM PST. The new episode will air on NTV and YTV in Japan, while Crunchyroll will stream it internationally. Episode 17’s official air date and hour will change based on where you live.

It is 2:30 AM in the Pacific Time Zone.
Time in the Central Time Zone: 03:30.
It’s 5:30 AM EST, the start of the workday.
It is 10:30 a.m. GMT, or Greenwich Mean Time.
Time in the heart of Europe: 11:30 a.m.
At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Indian Standard Time, it’s afternoon.
It is 7:30 p.m., Japan Standard Time.
9:30 PM AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time).

Hawk’s rough upbringing and subsequent decision to join the Hero Public Safety Commission were the subjects of the prior episode of My Hero Academia. The locals are currently blaming Endeavor for the city’s chaos. This has led to residents seeking to take issues into their own hands, which has only made things worse.

Synopsis for Episode 16 of Season 6 of My Hero Academia
Keigo Takami’s past as a child in an awful, abusive family was shown at the beginning of the prior episode. It turned out that his father was a murderer, and that he and his mother had been on the run ever since. Keigo’s eyes twinkled as he gazed upward at the Heroes, especially Endeavour, whose plushie he would never part with. His father’s imprisonment by Endeavour changed his mind about them being anything more than fiction. When Keigo and his mother were abandoned on the streets, she begged him to utilise his abilities to help strangers. Because of Keigo’s recruitment by the Hero Public Safety Commission, the Takami family has been forced to remove his name from official records.

Hawks and Best Jeanist, present day, discussed how Best Jeanist was induced into a coma and made to appear dead to Dabi. While law enforcement was preoccupied chasing down the fugitives, Best Jeanist dispatched a few street thugs. It was then that he learnt the local hero offices had closed, a sign of the public’s lack of faith in such figures. Upon arriving at Hawks’ home, they found that his mother had already departed, having already apologised for telling Dabi’s men about their history. After being devastated and blaming himself for his mother’s death, Hawks proved his will to aid Endeavour.

Meanwhile, regular folks have started taking matters into their own hands and are utilising auxiliary weapons and equipment to combat criminals. Unfortunately, their lack of expertise meant their efforts had the opposite of the desired effect. After regaining consciousness in the hospital, Endeavour broke down while speaking to Dabi about the guilt he feels over his previous mistakes. The chapter concludes with the appearance of Rei, who has come to chat about Toya.

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