[Latest] Spoilers for My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 426 Raw Scans Released Online

My Wife Is A Demon Queen Things are about to become very serious in Chapter 426. Now that they know Elena’s history, viewers want to see how far she’ll go to keep them safe. Well, she has shed a lot of blood and has no qualms about murdering her opponents. This, however, is not going to occur. The extent to which she will remain loyal to her empire while the manhwa makes things miserable for her is yet unknown.

Let’s see how she responds to the alterations. The fallout from Elena’s capture will be explored in Chapter 426. The enemies of the empire have captured her and are interrogating her for information. Yet it appears to need a great deal of effort on the part of the protagonist. She’s got the willingness to give her life to keep everyone else safe. However, will the prince make it back in time to save her?

The Devil Made Me Marry Her The girl in Chapter 425 was not willing to betray the prince. There was no mistaking the girl for anyone else than Elena. Her history was soon the chapter’s main topic. Since Elena’s mother was a felon, she was born behind bars. She was therefore compelled to lead the life of a prisoner despite the fact that she had committed no wrongdoing. But she wasn’t alone.

Many more kids her age were in the same situation. Among them were orphans and those only attempting to lead ordinary lives. But the Emperor decided to have a meeting with all the kids one day. That’s what the emperor gave them the chance to do, basically. He said that they would be doomed to a life of perpetual nightfall regardless of what they did. But what if we look at it as a chance? He recruited them to serve as secret guards for the empire, and they gladly agreed.

The rigorous training they received prepared them for their new roles as covert security personnel. The emperor’s presentation of the creation stone, however, shifted the dynamic. In order to carry out this experiment, many lives were lost. Only a select handful, including Elena, made it to the finish line. She did her best in safeguarding the empire and murdered many individuals until she finally met the prince.

Chapter 426 of My Wife Is a Demon Queen: Spoilers & Predictions
The next chapter will centre on Elena and her relationship with Prince Sophisas. Elena will learn in the following chapter how she fell for this trap by not mentioning her relationship with him. She has always been the empire’s most reliable source, and she is eager to sacrifice her life to ensure everyone else’s safety. In any case, the location of Sophisas is now unknown. At least we know he’ll stand by her through thick and thin. But things aren’t going in the direction he expected. In the next chapter 426 of My Wife Is a Demon Queen, perhaps Elena will reach the conclusion that she must make a fatal sacrifice. However, it seems her adversary has other plans. It’s possible that they’ll kidnap her to learn more about the empire and the stone. They will keep on harassing her until she finally breaks down and talks. Meanwhile, the prince’s survival is still a possibility. Maybe he’s doing everything he can to build his empire. But will he make it in time to spare Elena’s life? Currently, it’s still not obvious.


Date of Publication for Chapter 426 of My Wife Is a Demon Queen
It seems like the manhwa isn’t coming out on a regular basis. Because of this, predicting when the next chapter will be released is a difficult task. My Wife Is A Demon Queen Chapter 426 is scheduled to reappear on January 28, 2023, if previous releases are any indication. It’s been translated and posted on Kakao and Naver Webtoon sites.

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