Complete Spoilers for One Piece chapter 1073 Full Summary Leaked Online

On January 30, 2023, at 12 a.m. JST, the release of One Piece chapter 1073 is planned. On January 24 and 25, the chapter’s spoilers, summary, and raw scans were made available, exposing a great deal of information and validating certain fan ideas that had been circulating since the release of chapter 1072. Raw scans feature a number of intriguing moments, such as Stussy’s confrontation with Lucci, Zoro’s battle with S-Hawk, and the appearance of a Gorosei member with Kizaru. Oda also provides strong circumstantial evidence that Stussy is a clone of Bakkin and a relative of Weevil. The Gorosei member Jegarcia Saturn shows up in One Piece chapter 1073, right as Stussy and Lucci start their battle.

Stussy faces off against her CP0 friend at the start of the raw scans for Chapter 1073 of One Piece. In vengeance for what Stussy did to Kaku, Lucci lashes out at her, but she effortlessly avoids his attack by destroying what he thinks is a hallucination. Stussy then quickly sneaks up behind Lucci and bites him on the neck, much as she did to Kaku. He loses consciousness and collapses on the floor as a result of this. Even though they are both CP0 agents, Stussy is able to outperform them both with relative ease. While Brooks watches from a distance, Zoro is seen standing over the unconscious bodies of Kaku and Lucci. Stussy says something in a cool, collected manner, and then the next panel shows Usopp raging at the rest of the group.

Spoilers in the text show that Stussy is the unknown ally Vegapunk contacted in Chapter 1071 of One Piece. In the following panel, we can see the Seraphims swooping down on the party, weapons drawn. As Zoro charges towards them, the S-Snake, S-Bear, and S-Shark are all geared up and ready to pounce. Then, S-Hawk picks Lillith out of the crowd and dashes at her from out of Lab Stratum. Zoro intervenes just in time to prevent any harm to the victim. Apparently taken aback by Zoro’s formidable might, S-Hawk is speechless. As Edison stands by and watches, they exchange blows. When Edison is in the middle of a sentence, S-Shark strikes, but Sanji comes to his rescue. Spoilers in the text indicate that Edison was attempting to issue a halt command to all of the Seraphims before being attacked by S-Shark.

Finally, he issues the command, and the Seraphim immediately cease their onslaught. Meanwhile, Luffy can be seen shouting out to people as he runs about the Lab Stratum. Luffy’s search for the original Vegapunk is revealed in the chapter synopsis as he makes his way to this panel. In the next segment, Marco is having a conversation with a young boy who is narrating a flashback of an occurrence that occurred in the past to Marco. In this scene, marines terrorise the youngster and the rest of the community. The youngster is from Sphinx Island, which Marco abandoned to battle alongside Luffy in Wano, as revealed by the text spoilers. While the island’s inhabitants were away, the Marines invaded and terrorised the locals.

To protect the islanders from the marines, Weevil steps in. He physically overpowers them to the point where they have to retreat. As Miss Bakkin emerges in the background, the youngster excitedly recounts the entire scenario to Marco. After Miss Bakkin has finished speaking to Marco, she suddenly bursts into tears. Snippets from Miss Bakkin’s conversation with Marco about rescuing Weevil, who had been taken by Ryokugyu, were leaked by text. She also instructed Marco to verify her son’s ancestry with Vegapunk, which she mentioned.

Next, we see naval battleships sailing in the direction of Egghead Island. Kizaru is seen having a conversation with a member of the Gorosei inside one of the ships. Spoilers for the text indicate that the Gorosei member’s name is Saint Jaygarcia Saturn. He expresses dissatisfaction with the present state of affairs while recalling a former encounter with Vegapunk. The Ancient Weapons—Pluto, Poseidon, and Uranus—have all been linked to Saturn by fans. Given that Saturn is at the top of the World Government’s food chain and is now on a mission to prevent the Straw Hats and Vegapunk from fleeing, this argument does have some merit to it. I am curious to see if this prediction is correct in the forthcoming One Piece chapters.

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