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In the next few days, the next chapter of the One Piece manga will be available. The audience is eager to find out what happens in the next instalment. On January 24 and 25, spoilers and raw images for the chapter were made available. The next chapter is scheduled for January 29, 2023, at 12:00 a.m. JST, according to MangaPlus. Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and Manga Plus all provide apps and websites where you may read the manga chapters for free.

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An Overview of Chapter 1073 of One Piece
Chapter 1073 of One Piece is supposedly titled “Miss Buckingham Stussy,” and in it Stussy plots against Luffy as Zoro battles S-Hawk. Caesar Clown, Vinsmoke Judge, and the Queen of the Beast Pirates join Vegapunk on the cover of MADS’s latest publication. Pictured are Caesar, the Judge, and the Queen, all of whom are appalled by Vegapunk’s innovation.
Stussy’s conflict with Rob Lucci is the initial focus of Chapter 1073 of One Piece. The idea that Lucci is assaulting Stussy is completely fabricated. Kaku is still in a comatose state. To the same effect, Stussy intends to treat Lucci. Stussy attacked him with a technique from the Japanese art form of paper cutting known as “Kami-e” (Remaining Body).

Eventually, it comes out that Vega punk’s secret contact was actually Stussy, and that he planned to recruit her into CP0. Despite Stussy’s best efforts, Lucci is able to carry out Seraphim’s directive. Shaka tells Stussy that she has as much power to halt the Seraphim’s onslaught as Lucci does, therefore she shouldn’t try. While Kuma is still struggling to make his way up the Red Line, Edison, Lilith, Sanji, and Franky have left for Labophase. Outside the lab Stratum building, Lilith and Edison can Vegapunk. Prior to S-Hawk receiving the command to cease firing, she is attacked by Lilith. In the meantime, Zoro is there to protect Lilith from S-assault. Hawk’s S-worries Hawk regarding Zoro’s strength growth.

Similarly, Shark attempted to assault Vegapunk Edison but was stopped by Sanji. The Seraphim immediately stop their attacks once Edison gives the order. Luffy and Chopper, in quest of the genuine Vegapunk, may be seen racing toward the lab in Chapter 1073 of One Piece. The scene changes to the island of the Sphinx. The Marines arrived on Sphinx Island while Marco was at Wanokuni, as is now disclosed. However, Weevil came to the rescue and safeguarded the town. Unfortunately for us, Ryokugyuu managed to capture Weevill. The two of them are now a couple. She begs Marco to return her son and return Shirohige’s fortune to her. After Marco thanks Miss Bakkin for rescuing the community, he continues, “I appreciate you saving the village but…” Miss Bakkin then asks, “You question about my son’s lineage?” Then, if in doubt, consult Vegapunk!

Back on the Kizaru’s ship now. The members of the Gorosei are assisting Kizaru. Kizaru gives the ship’s old guy some food and water. Before that, Marines inspected the meal for signs of poisoning. Kizaru approached the elderly guy and said, “Have you ever met Vegapunk?” The wise old man said, “Yes, once in the past…” This grizzled veteran appears to be a Gorousei (Five Elders). The man’s left cheek is scarred, and his dreadlocks are dull and lifeless. He is Gorousei, the highest authority in the world, according to the raw scans. [Apostle Jegarcia Saturn ()] Saturn laments, “I’m so sorry this has come to this!” Unfortunately, this is the final page of the chapter, and the following week will be an ODA hiatus.

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