Leaked Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1073, Full Synopsis, Raw Scans Read Online

It’s safe to assume that One Piece Chapter 1073 will delve into a fascinating plotline and reveal some surprising information. Stussy’s history and how she met Vegapunk will be revealed for the first time in this comic. Well, it’s something followers want to know, especially now that Lucci has begun to question her dedication. Fans, however, are confused by the Vegapunk plotline.

For the most part, he seems to be hiding a lot of information. Get ready to investigate each one. The military applications of Dr Vegapunk’s technology will be the primary emphasis of Chapter 1073. Stussy’s employer and how she became an agent will be revealed to Lucci at last. As always, Stussy’s allegiance is the biggest open topic, and it will be addressed in the next chapter.

Recap of Chapter 1072
Back in Chapter 1072 of One Piece, a childlike Jewelry Bonney began wailing about something. Dr Vegapunk approached her with sympathy, only to learn that everything was part of her master plan. She attempted to use a pipe on Vegapunk after she transformed her appearance with the special move Distorted Future as soon as he got close. Yet she failed to see Vega punk’s desperate pleas for mercy.

But that didn’t deter her, as she used another technique on him—Age Skewer—which put him out. A while later, Bonney questioned him extensively. She questioned his decision to steal Bartholomew Kuma’s identity. Even so, Bonney was taken aback by the explanation. Vegapunk admitted to Kuma that he would protect their secret even if it cost him his life. Atop the Red Line, he said, Kuma was blasted to bits. Nonetheless, he continued to resist the Marines.

Initially, Bonney didn’t believe him, but when she eventually opened the door, Vegapunk was taken back to that same moment with Kuma. Vegapunk apparently requested Kuma for permission to delve into Kuma’s past. Returning to the present, he warned Bonney to keep away from the bubble since it was so terrible it may kill. Though she recognised her father’s abilities, she reminded Vegapunk that she was aware of them.

Chapter 1073 of One Piece: Spoilers
One Piece Chapter 1073’s title has not been announced, however, the manga’s first page features the MADS scientists, among them Dr Vegapunk. Dr Vegapunk appears to be overjoyed by the notion of his tank shooting flowers, while the other scientists look repulsed. It casts doubt on the motives of the other scientists. But Lucci has something to say about Stussy’s dedication. He has doubts about her loyalty to him. Also, when she attacks Lucci with her Paper Arts: Heartbreak After Image approach, it seems very sincere.
Lucci is weakened by her taunting and the usage of a Sea Prism Stone lipstick tube. Kaku submits to having his blood sucked out by the vampire with a single bite.

She subsequently gushes about how powerful they are, and she clearly can’t win a fair fight against them, so her solution sounds preferable. Stussy begs for pardon as well as Lucci passes out. Then she brags to her friends and family about her accomplishment. She receives praise from Vegapunk Satellites. In the meanwhile, Zoro and Brook take the initiative to halt the Seraphim’s assault. Zoro, however, will soon have to deal with the addition of Vegapunk Lilith and Vegapunk Edison to the fray.

Date of Publication for One Piece Chapter 1073
On January 29, 2023, at 12:00 a.m., One Piece Chapter 1073 will be released. In it, our heroes’ plan for dealing with Lilith and Edison will be unveiled. Several manga publications, including Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and MangaPlus, have published it.

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