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[Updated] Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1073, Storyline, Plot, Leaks & What to Expect in this Chapter

On Tuesday, January 24, 2023, a 15-page preview of One Piece Chapter 1073’s entire synopsis was uploaded online. The issue has been praised as another great addition to the recent streak of nearly perfect chapters. There are a plethora of implicit confirmations and betrayals throughout. Roronoa Zoro’s brief conflict with the S-Hawk Seraphim, modelled after Dracule Mihawk, in One Piece Chapter 1073 is largely overlooked. If the spoilers are to be believed, the latest and best technological soldier of the World Government, the S-Hawk Seraphim, is rendered “in shock facing Zoro’s might” by the Straw Hat Swordsman.
It’s possible that author and artist Eiichiro Oda will give this little conflict more weight later in the plot. Read on as we analyse what happened between S-Hawk and Zoro in One Piece Chapter 1073, and how it relates to Zoro’s future with Mihawk.

When Zoro faces off against S-Hawk in Chapter 1073 of One Piece, Oda may be offering readers a glimpse into the future. The fight shown in One Piece Chapter 1073 may startle readers, although it might be argued that it accurately portrays Zoro’s prospects against the actual Dracule Mihawk. To begin, it is often believed that each Seraphim is a carbon copy of its counterpart Shichibukai. As with Boa Hancock’s S-Snake, Bartholomew Kuma’s S-Bear, Jinbe’s S-Shark, and Dracule Mihawk’s S-Hawk, S-Snake is a clone of one of these other famous snakes. That is to say if we assume that S-experiences Hawk’s comparable to Mihawk, we may think of him as merely another Mihawk, although one with the same power and competence in swordplay. However, S-Hawk might end up either stronger or weaker than the original Dracule Mihawk he was cloned from, depending on a number of conditions.

S-immaturity Hawk’s and his inability to replicate Mihawk’s swordsmanship experience are two of the largest potential weaknesses. S-strength Hawk’s ability with the sword is affected by both of these factors, and S-real-time Hawk’s decisions are affected by his comparison to Mihawk’s. From what we can tell as of One Piece Chapter 1073, S-Lunarian Hawk’s ancestry and adjusted Lineage Factors might make him an even more formidable swordsman than Mihawk. As witnessed in Zoro’s battle against King, the Lunarian genetics will offer S-Hawk a huge natural strength increase compared to what Mihawk is instantaneously capable of. When applied to S-Hawk, these modified Lineage Factors will make him inherently more powerful than Mihawk. As S-Hawk practises, this difference between them will grow at an exponential rate.

Thanks to his augmented genetics and green blood, S-Hawk can also consume a Devil Fruit, giving him another advantage over the genuine article. Assuming that these factors cancel each other out, readers of One Piece Chapter 1073 can view the brief combat between Zoro and S-Hawk as Zoro gets some much-needed practice. If this is the truth, then S-dismay Hawk’s anxiety at the seeming might of Zoro in his basic form is good news for Zoro and his supporters while portending disaster for Mihawk and his followers.

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