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Read One Piece chapter 1073 Storyline, Preview, Leaks & Much More Updates

On Tuesday, January 24, 2023, at around 2:00 AM PT, a complete description of One Piece chapter 1073 was revealed, revealing a number of shocking and highly anticipated plot points. While this looks to be a really interesting and instructive issue overall, there is a particular element of this chapter that has piqued my interest. In chapter 1073 of One Piece, we learn that Jegarcia Saturn is a member of the Gorosei. Saturn is the Gorosei who wears his grey hair in dreadlocks and has a scar on his left cheek. That he appears to be on his way to Egghead Island with Admiral Kizaru is even more thrilling. It’s the mystery surrounding Saturn that has piqued readers’ curiosity in this edition. Fans are especially interested in his name since it is consistent with yet another naming pattern from the show. This article explains in detail how the revelation of Jegarcia Saturn’s name in One Piece chapter 1073 may point to a link between Gorosei and the Ancient Weapon.
Possibly setting the basis for Gorosei to master one of the Ancient Weapons, One Piece chapter 1073

This is why Saint Jegarcia Important meaning is in the name Saturn
There was a wide variety of events in One Piece chapter 1073, which was surprising given the issue’s small length (just 15 pages) (according to spoilers). This is one of the most intriguing and dense issues that readers have seen in a while, despite its relatively short length. To have one of Gorosei’s names revealed to be Saint Jegarcia Saturn is equally thrilling. Many fans immediately saw the link between Saturn and the Ancient Weapon naming method, while others are still hard at work trying to decipher what Jegarcia may imply. As far as I can tell, two of the three are called Pluton and Uranus, both of which are apparently named after the asteroid Pluto and the planet Uranus.

Poseidon may be the only one of the three Ancient Weapons that doesn’t allude to a ship or a weapon, but rather to a live thing. It appears that author and illustrator Eiichiro Oda is establishing a name convention for the Gorosei, with Poseidon being the sole deity to deviate from it. Fans are using the revelation of Saint Jegarcia Saturn’s name in One Piece chapter 1073 as evidence that the Gorosei and the Ancient Weapons are connected, despite the fact that the story makes no such suggestion. Long-held fan speculations that the Gorosei has been around since the time of the Ancient Kingdom suggest that they could have been the ones to construct the Pluton and Uranus Ancient Weapons.

In any case, the fact that this interpretation hinges on the possibility of a fan theory being correct makes it suspect. The similarity in names may suggest that the Ancient Weapons were created by previous Gorosei members, who then named the weapons after themselves. Similarly, this may imply that Saint Saturn and the other Gorosei members have created similar weapons. It’s possible that they’ll turn out to be the secret weapons themselves, given that Saint Jegarcia Saturn, an apparently frail elderly man, is now en route to the hotly contested territory of Egghead Island.

It has been speculated since One Piece chapter 1073 that the Gorosei are similarly named because their Devil Fruit abilities are equivalent to those of Ancient Weapons. So this is why Saint Jegarcia Saturn doesn’t mind going into war unprotected by Admiral Kizaru and a squadron of Marines. As seen before Chapter 1073 of One Piece, their extensive understanding of Devil Fruits is likely attributable to the fact that they possess such potent examples of the fruit. This would also shed light on the wide range of ages represented among the group, as well as their selection as the face of the World Government.

Thus, to conclude
All of the foregoing, however, is conjectural at best, as only spoilers for One Piece chapter 1073 have been made public as of this writing. Saint Jegarcia Saturn’s name might be interpreted in ways that utterly demolish the aforementioned fan hypotheses once the official translation is released.

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