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Raw Scans for One Piece Chapter 1073 Spoilers, Leaks, Storyline & Much More to Read

On January 29, 2023, at 12 a.m. JST, the release of One Piece chapter 1073 is scheduled. The latest chapter is available in the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine published by Shueisha, the MangaPlus service, the Viz Media website, and the Shonen Jump+ app developed by Shueisha. Shocking revelations about the narrative occurred in the last chapter, including Bonney learning about Kuma’s memories, Zoro’s confrontation with Kaku, and Stussy’s actual identity. These shocking developments have amplified the anticipation for Chapter 1073, and fans are already begging for spoilers.

While the official spoilers for Chapter 1073 are expected to be posted soon, fans may have to wait a few more days. In the meanwhile, many readers have started guessing about the big secrets they hope to learn in the next chapter. Fans are eager to see what’s next for Oda now that the Egghead Arc is winding down. The possibility of Bonney reading Kuma’s mind and other shocking developments await readers of One Piece chapter 1073.

At last, Kizaru has made it to Egghead Island
To stop Vegapunk and the Straw Hats from leaving, Kizaru is expected to come to Egghead Island in chapter 1073 with every marine battleship he has at his disposal. In addition, Kizaru gave the Straw Hats a clue in chapter 1071 that he had something planned that would make their escape extremely difficult. What hinders the Strawhat Pirates….?! is the title of One Piece chapter 1073. It might mean the admiral is playing his ace card and demonstrating his full authority. He disappeared in chapter 1072, so it stands to reason that readers expect him to make a huge return in the next instalment.

Insight into Kuma’s past granted by Bonney
At the close of the last episode, we saw Bonney stretching a hand toward the massive paw print energy that Kuma was emitting. That’s why many readers think she’ll be able to access her father’s memories and learn the truth about his history in chapter 1073.
Kuma’s history is shrouded in mystery, however, we do know he and Bonney both stated belonging to a unique race. As a result, many fans believe that Kuma’s memories, if accessed, might reveal alarming information about the Lunarian species. His experience in the Revolutionary Army may also be explained in this section.

Lucci vs Stussy
Fans believe that Stussy will confront Lucci in chapter 1073 in order to provide the Straw Hats and Vegapunk with a means of leaving Egghead Island. According to the canon, she is the fifth member of MADS and the mystery ally Vegapunk met in chapter 1071. Given that Stussy appears to know even the traps Vegapunk has placed for himself in his lab, this idea holds some water. Kaku was knocked unconscious by Stussy drinking his blood in the last chapter, and Stussy threatened to do the same to Lucci. By easily defeating a Devil Fruit user and CP0 agent like Kaku, the audience saw her enormous potential. Her upcoming showdown with Lucci in Chapter 1073 of One Piece has piqued the interest of readers who are eager to witness the full scope of her abilities.

Kuma’s reason for coming back to Mariejois
Unsolved in One Piece chapter 1072 was Kuma’s dogged determination to cross the Red Line and reach the promised country of Mariejois. Despite being shot down many times by the Marines, Kuma persisted in his chase and eventually reached his mission. Fans want to know why he went back to Mariejois after Sabo risked his life to save him the first time around. The events of chapter 1073 will explain why Kuma is so determined to get back to Mariejois after all this time.

Attack by Garp on Blackbeard’s Pirates
Some viewers of One Piece chapter 1073 believe that Garp will face off against the Blackbeard Pirates because of his choice to save Koby. After being MIA in Chapter 1072, it’s possible that he’s already on his way to Blackbeard’s pirate island of Hachinosu. In chapter 1073, Marshall D. Teach, alias Blackbeard, is rumoured to make an appearance, according to unofficial spoilers. Because of this, a disagreement between him and Vice Admiral Garp is more likely to arise. In order to get to Blackbeard, many believe Garp will have to face off against the other Ten Titanic Captains first.

There are currently no significant leaks or spoilers for One Piece 1073. So far, all fans have to go on is a raw scan of the upcoming chapter, What stands in the path of the Strawhat Pirates….!? Beginning on January 24, 2023, spoilers for Chapter 1073 will likely appear online. Readers may also anticipate the entire synopsis and raw scans of the chapter to be made accessible on January 26.

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