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Complete Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1073, Expectations, Synopsis Leaked Online

Expectations from One Piece Chapter 1073

There have been several delays in the publication of new episodes of One Piece over the last few weeks, but now that the holidays are over and the series has returned from its most recent vacation, we can return to our regularly scheduled programming. Fans had high hopes for the upcoming release of One Piece 1073 after the shocking conclusion of the last chapter. Stussy, a member of the CP0, surprised everyone at the end of One Piece 1072 by single-handedly destroying Kaku with her formidable talents. Then it came out that she was Dr Vegapunk’s secret ally on Egghead Island. With Kuma and Bonney’s backstories beginning to emerge slowly but surely, the future of the plot can only look bright after the events of One Piece 1073.

Stussy’s Loyalties Revealed in One Piece Chapter 1073
We may expect Stussy and Lucci to begin One Piece 1073 by discussing the events of the previous chapter. Stussy has abandoned the CP0, as her supporters know, and is ready to square off against Rob Lucci. Now that Kaku is no longer an obstacle, Stussy should find it easy to take on Lucci. But it is the Seraphims who currently threaten her safety. Still, Stussy can take on Rob Lucci all by herself, and with the Vegapunk duplicates by her side, commanding the Seraphims won’t be a problem at all. It’s probable that more of her backstory and character development will be revealed to the audience. Shortly before she became the first successful clone, she was briefly introduced to viewers in One Piece 1072.
One Piece 1073 may delve deeper into this to explain the origins of the technique and how Miss Buckingham Stussy created her clone. There’s a chance that fans will see a peek of the Rocks Pirates here as well, which would be a nice twist, but given the trajectory of this arc, nothing much would shock them anymore. Stussy has become Dr Vegapunk’s ally, and as a consequence, the Straw Hat Pirates’ ally. She looks to be a woman full of mystery at the present, therefore the depth added to her character by One Piece 1073 is much needed.

Chapter 1073: A Look Back in Time with Kuma
In Chapter 1072 of One Piece, readers learned more about Bartholomew Kuma’s abilities and his history with Dr Vegapunk. It was revealed to him by Vegapunk that his Devil Fruit had the ability to give shape to things that were previously abstract and lifeless. That’s right, because of Kuma’s abilities, you can physically feel emotions like agony, nostalgia, and happiness. After that, Kuma started wiping his body clean of his memories, which is when he first began to lose his humanity and transform into Pacifica, the monster everyone knows and loves to hate. Followers also got a glimpse of his memories being archived on Egghead Island. Bonney began to approach them, which may be a significant deal for One Piece 1073. In the upcoming chapter, Bonney may enter Kuma’s memory space, setting off a chain reaction of recollections regarding Kuma’s whole existence and the events that led to his current state of mind. Bonney has waited a long time for the truth about her father, and she is more than due it. Her followers have been holding their breath for information on Bartholomew Kuma for just as long. The next instalment may prove to be crucial, and provide readers with the answers they’ve been seeking since before the time jump.

Chapter 1073 of One Piece: Kizaru Shows Up
It’s possible that One Piece 1073 may feature the arrival of Admiral Kizaru to Egghead Island, which would be a major development. Kizaru disappeared after he went to the island in Chapters 13 and 14. At this point, if he wanted to prevent the Straw Hat Pirates from departing Egghead Island, he should make an appearance. Thanks to Stussy, Rob Lucci is preoccupied, and the Straw Hat Pirates need only contend with the Navy Fleet in order to make their way off the island. It’s unlikely that Kizaru will make an appearance in the upcoming chapter of One Piece, but he may be around the corner. If that happens, fans will become excited about the prospect of an Admiral going into full battle against the up-and-coming Yonko crew. One Piece 1073 has the potential to provide the groundwork for an Admiral to ultimately meet Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji in battle, which would undoubtedly thrill the audience. Fortunately, next week won’t see a hiatus for One Piece. When will One Piece 1073 be released? January 29th, 2023, according to Manga Plus. As usual, the chapter is available for free on Manga Plus and the Shonen Jump app.

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