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Read My Hero Academia Chapter 379 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date, Storyline, Plot & Everything you need to know

Expectations from Chapter 379

Now that the hiatus is over, the next instalment of My Hero Academia won’t be until next week. The previous part of the novel hit hard on the feels since it included the return of classic characters long recognisable to readers. Since the drama has entered its final act, it is natural for viewers to reflect on their fondest memories of past interactions with these personalities. My Hero Academia 379 promises to continue and improve upon the high-quality set in the previous episode. There are still many loose ends in the novel, and the next instalment will aim to bring them all together in a way that pleases the author and the readers. The events in My Hero Academia 379 will be crucial in this aspect.

Chapter 379 of “My Hero Academia”: Gentle Exhibits His Abilities
Fans of My Hero Academia were taken aback by Gentle’s surprising entrance in the previous chapter. Many fans were taken aback by La Brava’s sudden presence, despite the fact that his appearance was expected at some point. Gentle used his talents to an extent never previously witnessed by fans, creating a gigantic trampoline out of thin air to halt the island’s descent and save many lives as it was collapsing. Like every other soldier in the present conflict, Gentle has been elevated to the rank of Hero. But the island wasn’t fully stopped and settled in the previous chapter. In the next episode 379 of My Hero Academia, we will see Gentle finally putting an end to the island’s chaos.

Concurrently, he might then join the conflict and utilise his abilities to help the Heroes and defeat the Villains of the Paranormal Liberation Front for good. Obviously, the heroes benefit much from having Gentle join their ranks, and his talents will only increase his importance going forward. Even if he does wind up helping Izuku in the battle, his power prevents him from having much of an impact on the conflict between All For One and Shigaraki Tomura. However, his current impact on the conflict is enormous, and it will only increase in the following chapter. It’s clear from the Cultural Festival subplot that his ties to La Brava will only serve to fortify him. They might join forces in the event of a crisis, making Gentle more formidable than ever before in the battle against evil.

Chapter 379 of My Hero Academia: Lady Nagant Is Active Once More
Lady Nagant is a fan favorite but her appearance at the conclusion of the book caught many by surprise. When last seen, she was attempting to kidnap Deku and hand him over to All For One. At that time, she had completely lost faith in the Hero Society and had concluded that it was going to collapse regardless of what its members did. Nevertheless, as he shielded Chisaki from her gunfire, Deku gave her reason to hope for the future. Prior to the effects of the self-destruct Quirk, lady Nagant acknowledged Deku as a real Hero, and she continues to have complete faith in him. In the chapters after her capture, she was not mentioned again until the one before. Now that Lady Nagant has healed from her burns, she may join the fight. She displayed incredible control of her Snipe Quirk, ripping off one of Shigaraki’s hands with ease. She’s come to support Deku and see his rise to the position of greatest Hero.

That requires him to consult with Shigaraki and plot a strategy for the heroes to prevail in this conflict. Also, those who never get aid to be forgiven. Lady Nagant and her faith in Deku will both get a lot of screen time in My Hero Academia 379. Also, this indicates that the conflict between Deku and Shigaraki will carry on in the next episode. As followers of the show know, Deku would want to have an open dialogue with the latter but has not been given the chance to do so. What Deku does with his chance now that Nagant has stepped into the battle is anyone’s guess. There will be no weeklong hiatus for My Hero Academia next week. Because of this, readers may anticipate its release on Sunday, January 29, 2023, per the usual timetable. You may read the latest chapter for free on Manga Plus and the Shonen Jump app, just like always.

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