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[FINAL] Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1073 Preview, Storyline, Raw Scans Released Online

Battles between the CP0 and the Straw Hat Pirates and Dr Vegapunk’s satellites rage on as Egghead Island continues to descend into anarchy. Even worse, Bonney reaches out to Kuma’s agony body double in Dr Vegapunk’s lab. If you’ve been wondering when One Piece Chapter 1073 would be out, here it is, along with a handy countdown!

Summarizing the Events of Chapter 1072
Cover art for Chapter 1072 of One Piece, titled “The Weight of Memory,” displays the Laboratory of Peace (or MADS for short). TheĀ  Director of MADS and a character in this chapter’s prologue, Dr Vegapunk says: I know she is a real person, even if the rest of the world doesn’t. A genuine and incontestable fellow human being! It worked out well! In my mind, there is no doubt. And this is a major advance in the quest for global harmony.

The most recent chapter then shifts focus on Jewelry Bonney, who reverts to her kid form in an effort to finally apprehend Dr Vegapunk. She leads Dr Vegapunk on a wild goose chase throughout the island, all the while convincing him that she is wounded. After deciding to check her quickly, the poor scientist doctor is persuaded that she needs immediate medical treatment. Using a technique called Distorted Future, Bonney was able to achieve her desired result and transition into her musculature form. Bonney utilises her special technique, Age Skewer, to return Dr Vegapunk to his helpless younger form, knocking out his dazzling stones of experience into various forms as he attempts to leave.

This causes Bonney to catch up with Dr Vegapunk and for him to start doubting his decision to remove Bartholomew Kuma’s free will. Hesitantly, Dr Vegapunk answers, worried that if he tells Bonney the truth, she would be hurt. In addition, Dr Vegapunk has assured Kuma that he would not reveal their conversation or the events that transpired to Bonney. Bartholomew Kuma says this as he makes his way up to the Red Line at the Red Port, despite the best efforts of the marines to blow him down. This infuriates Bonney even more, and she snatches the unfortunate doctor by the collar and presses him for the truth once more. Despite this, Dr Vegapunk is adamant that Kuma chose to have his individuality and free will removed, despite the fact that he found it challenging as well.

Dr Vegapunk says he can’t be honest with Bonney because he can’t bear to hurt Kuma, a close friend whom he loves deeply. Bonney, in the midst of tossing Dr Vegapunk to the floor, spots a massive door bearing a paw print. Seeing the paw print makes her think of her dad. But when Dr Vegapunk tells her to stop nosing about, Bonney uses her special move, Oiled Shock, to break the lock and sneak inside. While Dr Vegapunk remembers their talk with Kuma, Bonney notices a huge bubble that looks like a paw. Dr Vegapunk recalled a West Blue researcher who theorised that mortals lose 21 grammes of weight when they die. That’s the load our spirits carry. Kuma was enthralled by the tale and afterwards said that souls are real and may be studied.

Dr Vegapunk also brought up the idea of concretizing intangibles like suffering, recollection, and the creative process. That helped Kuma understand that Dr Vegapunk wanted him to make memories so that they may perhaps make a major scientific discovery. Dr Vegapunk urges Bonney not to touch the paw-shaped bubble in the present day since it is Kuma’s physical manifestation of pain and might kill her. However, unlike Dr Vegapunk, Bonney is convinced that her father’s memory is to blame. At that very time, Kuma is absorbing the full force of the marines’ attacks in the Red Port as they try to stop him from breaking through the Red Line. Nami, Usopp, Sanji, and Dr Vegapunk Shaka watch the television as Zoro and Brook fight off the CP0 back in the Labophase.

The fact that Rob Lucci had sneaked inside the lab with the seraphims was also revealed.
The sole silver lining is that the seraphims inside Labophase answer to Dr Vegapunk’s satellites rather than the CP0. The decision to keep the seraphim within the dome was a huge mistake on CP0’s behalf. The seraphim are now under CP0’s command; however, unless Dr Vegapunk Lilith and Edison’s commands are transmitted, they will continue to follow CP0’s instructions. If Zoro and Brook are in difficulty, then the rest of Luffy’s crew have to get down there as well. When not monitoring the Thousand Sunny, Brook interacts with CP0’s Kaku, who is in his woken giraffe condition.

Zoro, exhausted by his battles against wriggly things in Wano, blocks every one of Kaku’s assaults as he launches into Nose Pistol and then his special move, Kiliman Gyro. However, Rob Lucci gives the order to all seraphim to destroy the lab before Dr Vegapunk arrives.
This causes Shaka and the rest of the crew to panic as they race to leave the laboratory before it blows up. In a twist that catches Rob Lucci off guard, Stussy puts Kaku to sleep by biting his neck. There’s a bat wing behind her and she’s begging Lucci to do the same thing. It is revealed at the end of One Piece Chapter 1072 that CP0’s Stussy was a carbon copy of Miss Buckingham Stussy of the Rock Pirates. Furthermore, she was MADS’s pioneering clone test subject.

When Will Chapter 1073 of One Piece Be Posted?
The official release date for One Piece Chapter 1073 is January 29, 2023, in countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. The release date for Chapter 1073 in Japan is set for January 30, 2023.
On January 30, 2022, at 12:00 a.m. JST, One Piece Chapter 1073 will be released in Japan.
Given this data, the following release schedules apply to your area:
7 a.m., Pacific Time (January 29, 2023)
9:00 AM, Central Time (January 29, 2023)
10:00 a.m., Eastern Time (January 29, 2023)
It is currently 3:00 p.m. in the UK (January 29, 2023)

One Piece Chapter 1073 Predictions and Spoilers
As far as we can tell, One Piece Chapter 1073 will explain more about Stussy’s true identity as Miss Buckingham Stussy’s successful clone experiment, but we haven’t seen any significant spoilers yet so we’ll have to wait and see! We also fear that something dreadful will happen if Bonney follows her interest in her father’s past into Dr Vegapunk’s lab. As soon as a big spoiler is released, this article will be updated. For now, there will be more to read until the publication of One Piece Chapter 1073.

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