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[Latest] Spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 379 leaked Raw Scans Released Online

In Chapter 379 of “My Hero Academia,” Lady Nagant returns and begins her ascent to the light. Hawks is still in danger in Gunga, so the former Pro Hero may decide to help him out. There’s still time for a lot to go down in “My Hero Academia” Chapter 379. It will involve not just the entrance of Lady Nagant, but also Shigaraki’s regaining of physical control.
The latest instalment will continue to centre on UA, as Gentle and Lady Nagant are shown again during a medical visit, this time with bandages covering her entire body. It appears that she is completely unable to put up a fight at this moment. That basically means she’s covered in scars from her fight against AFO, and her weapon is held together with duct tape.

She has returned, so the heroes of “My Hero Academia” Chapter 379 may learn how she has become an ally. Following a scene in the last chapter where All Might was seen exiting a room with a bag, fans may recognise him in one of the next battles. Since Deku’s return to UA, his mental health has steadily deteriorated, leading some to speculate that this is a premonition of his imminent death. Daigoro Banjo discloses that Shigaraki and AFO were unable to successfully fuse. It would appear that AFO has lost control of Tomura. However, if the fusion is undone entirely, AFO will be destroyed along with his human body in the Gunga Mountains.

Thus, it is possible that Deku may face Tomura as his last adversary in Chapter 379 of “My Hero Academia.” In the meantime, in Chapter 378 of “My Hero Academia,” La Brava hacks the enemy base and fixes the UA flaws they introduced. Being on the side of the heroes is always appreciated, and La Brava might potentially do great things. The times she was isolated were also depicted in the prior chapter. Yet it also exposed her promising abilities as a hacker, despite her relative inexperience. Supporting the heroes as much as she could, La Brava tried to shield the UA but ran out of time.

She wasn’t the only one who saw a sea change in the protagonist, though; the hero’s perspective seemed to shed light on the matter for everyone. In addition, Gentle came back to help people, something he should have done during the Festival arc but didn’t. The exchange he had with Deku had a favourable effect on him, and he was eager to repay the favour. On January 29th, we’ll be able to read Chapter 379 of “My Hero Academia.”

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