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My Hero Academia Chapter 379, Leaks, Release Date, Storyline & Much More to Read about this Chapter

Former villains like La Brava and Gentle surprised everyone by joining the heroes’ side in their battle against AFO Shigaraki. Since Lady Nagant has joined the struggle, Naomasa has faith that they can win against even the most heinous of villains. Time remaining till the publication of My Hero Academia Chapter 379!

Recap of Chapter 378
The investigating team at Task Force HQ is now dealing with the failure of the evacuation system, the signal interference, and Gunga’s plea for backup. La Brava, observing from the sidelines, talks about the day she hacked into the server of Feel Good Inc., replacing the company’s adverts with those of Optic Kitty. Skeptic’s coding habits haven’t altered since the first time they met, according to her observations of his excessively large code functions and his illogical use of variables. While Skeptic is still surprised and furious, La Brava uses his screen to show him the “Da Pump Dance.” After finding that the heroes have already located him, Skeptic decides to depart via the UA Evacuation System, but La Brava begins to take control of his systems. The UA Fortress is rapidly losing altitude and crashing to the ground at this time. La Brava aims to write a whole new software in the short amount of time they have left so that the functional parts of the system can keep the bar open.

While one cop has given up hope and feels bad about leaving a convicted criminal’s last, best chance at freedom in prison, Naomasa maintains that criminals like La Brava may change and be redeemed. Deku and Shigaraki AFO meet eyes again on the crumbling UA Fortress, and Deku mulls over what Shigaraki said about what makes him a villain. Mandalay, meantime, gives the order to be ready for a crash landing and to fight. Kaminari and Fukidashi then witness a swarm of Twice’s clones fighting Eraserhead and Monoma. However, the American troops do their best to aid the heroes, but Ethan Drive and the X-66 Squadron can’t do much to help because shooting lasers at the bad guys may potentially hit their comrades.

Ethan Drive suddenly spots Gentle in the sky. Skeptic ran into difficulty outside the villains’ lair when the heroes, including Hound Dog and some students from Ketsubutsu Academy High School, were tipped off to his whereabouts. At UA, Naomasa and La Brava rallied behind Gentle, encouraging him to help Deku. Muscular announced to the inmates of Mikuzu Prison approximately a month and a half ago that they were all free to leave after the prison was broken into during the raid on Tartarus. Similarly, Muscular encouraged the bad guys to do what they wanted with their lives and to enjoy themselves. An anxious and shaky Gentle intervenes while the crooks are plotting their escape. After all, Gentle knows all too well what it’s like to go blindly down the wrong road and regretfully turn around. The only individuals who say they can’t alter their life are the ones who don’t want to, he remembers Gori saying.

What Gentle remembers most vividly, though, is Deku’s brazen claim that he will be the one to offer criminals and heroes alike a bright future. This allows Gentle to have direct interaction with the inmates, and it also makes Mikuzu the only jail to be attacked without any escapees. Gori then asked Gentle what he wanted, and Gentle told him he wanted to travel to La Brava and help people. Back in the current day, Gentle utilises his peculiarity like an air trampoline to keep the UA Fortress from crumbling thanks to the force of La Brava’s Lover Mode! Deku finds this out and concludes that Gentle just showed up to aid the others. On the other hand, Daigoro Banjo cautions Deku about AFO Shigaraki, who has resumed his movements. Once Shigaraki makes contact with the earth, it won’t matter if the stronghold managed to evade the crash or not. To Deku’s shock, however, Shigaraki’s hand is shot off by a fast bullet before it can reach the ground.

In another place, Naomasa says that the villains are still people at their core, despite their fall from grace. For this reason, it is incumbent upon the heroes to fully appreciate this fact about themselves. Naomasa borrows a word from a close confidant to explain that the place where they will discover their beginning is within their own hearts. By the chapter’s finale, Lady Nagant has recovered enough to return to the fight, this time armed with a rifle.

Time of Chapter 379’s Publication for My Hero Academia
Including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe, Chapter 379 of My Hero Academia will be available on January 29, 2022. The release date for Chapter 379 in Japan is January 30, 2022.

The release time of My Hero Academia Chapter 379 in Japan is set for January 30, 2022, at 12:00 a.m. JST.
Given this data, the following release schedules apply to your area:
7 a.m., Pacific Time (January 29, 2022)
9:00 AM, Central Time (January 29, 2022)
10:00 a.m., Eastern Time (January 29, 2022)
It is currently 3:00 p.m. in the UK (January 29, 2022)

My Hero Academia: Chapter 379 Predictions and Spoilers
There have been no big spoilers provided for My Hero Academia Chapter 379 as of this writing, but it looks that Lady Nagant will help Deku in his struggle against Shigaraki.
It is expected that the battle between All For One and Dabi and Todoroki and the other Pro Heroes, including Best Jeanist, Endeavor, and Hawks, would continue to unfold in the Gunga Ruins, the setting of future manga panels. As soon as a big spoiler is released, this article will be updated. More updates and information about My Hero Academia Chapter 379 will be available in the meanwhile.

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