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[Updated] Read Black Clover Chapter 349 Raw Scans, Storyline, Summaries & What to Expect in this Chapter

In the next instalment of “Black Clover,” Chapter 349, we’ll keep fighting against Sister Lily and the Paladins. If Asta is successful in defeating the Paladins, he will attempt to rescue Sister Lily from Lucius’ control, but Lucius may join the fight. Asta is committed to helping Lily recover her true self and has pledged to do whatever it takes to bring her back.

Is Chapter 349 of “Black Clover” the deciding chapter? It’s possible that Heath Grice may show up in the next chapter and square off against Asta. Assuming he defeats him, he may next face Sister Lily. The protagonist wants to save Sister Lily, but as long as Heath Grice is around, that may be difficult. He could decide to begin fighting Asta, sparking a full-on fight between the two of them. Once thought dead, Heath Grice was resurrected by Lucious to serve as a Paladin. The ex-Wizard King is rumoured to be able to resurrect the dead or transform a living person into his Paladin. Although Yrul has been restored to his normal form, the effects of Asta’s Anti-Magic Zetten on a Paladin like Heath Grice, who is already dead, have yet to be determined. After that, in Chapter 349 of “Black Clover,” Asta will move on to Sister Lily.

Instead of trying to vanquish her, he’ll focus on breaking Lucius’ hold on him. But now that Asta is stronger than ever, Lucius may decide to join the struggle to protect Lily on Judgment Day. It’s a must-watch, even though it’s unclear if Lucius will step in to save Asta or Lily. It’s possible that the fans will also get a glimpse of the goings-on in the Clover Kingdom and with the Magic Knights. Lily was surprised to find Asta alive in Chapter 348 of “Black Clover,” even though she had transported him away. Asta had defended Ichika well and explained to Liebe that the resemblance between the illusion Liebe saw and Yami Sukehiro was not coincidental. When Asta challenged Ichika to a fair battle, Yrul used his power to expose Asta’s worst fear.

Asta’s biggest worry was himself; he doubted he had what it took to become the Wizard King and constantly compared himself favourably to his peers. Asta had never revealed his anxiety to anybody before, but he came to accept that it was genuine. Thankfully, he was able to see through the deception and harden his will. Beast Magic: Holy Hunting was the name of Yrul’s assault, which he launched. Even though he was lightning fast, he anticipated his movements and avoided getting hit. While Yosuga and Ichika watched, Yrul’s Paladin powers dissipated when he used his Zetten. That’s where he made his commitment to saving Sister Lily from Lucius. On Sunday, January 29, you may read “Black Clover” Chapter 348.

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