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Leaked Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1073, Leaks, Summaries, Plot, Preview Read Online

Potentially upsetting information about “One Piece” Chapter 1073 has been leaked. However, it’s also a sign that the action will be amped up this time around. These speculated outcomes of “One Piece” Chapter 1073 are from reliable sources. Consequently, what would be the subsequent events? With a GIF showing the needle of a “Hype-O-Meter” flickering toward its maximum readout, Redon dropped the first hint for the future episode. A blinking indication to the right of the gauge reads “PEAK” underneath it. Despite making no claims, it does indicate that things will become interesting in the next episode.

Next, Shanks posts a GIF of the DC Comics hero Batman relaxing in his bat cave, implying that the next chapter of “One Piece” will be revealed soon. As if to express his dissatisfaction, he keeps burying his head in his hand. A new chapter will likely be both exciting and frustrating, so even though Shanks’ suggestion looks different from Redon’s, don’t get your hopes up. Fenaker from OP Scans is another leaker who reveals the past of Kuma, the return of Blackbeard, and the beginning of Stussy’s battle with Lucci. Followers should take these spoilers with a grain of salt until the community leakers confirm them.
But fans can’t help but wonder if Blackbeard’s return means he and his Devil Fruit prevailed in their battle against Law.

The Egghead Island arc will be much anticipated after seeing a glimpse of Kuma’s flashback. Fighting Lucci might prove that Stussy is in fact Vegapunk’s secret buddy. Meanwhile, in Chapter 1072 of “One Piece,” Vegapunk was under pressure to tell Bonney’s dad about what he had done. Although he had previously told Kuma that he would never inform his child about what he did, he was adamant that he would never do so again.
After transforming Kuma into a kid, Bonney was able to locate a space that could have held Kuma’s memories. Vegapunk described it as a “pain,” and he said that Bonney would die if she came into contact with it.

Bonney asserted that she was familiar with her father thanks to the latter’s recollections, not his anguish. In a subsequent flashback, we witness Vegapunk enlist Kuma’s aid in determining the density of his recollections. CP0 was in charge of the Seraphims outside of the lab phase, so Lilith and Edison headed there to assume leadership. Zoro and Kaku’s battle raged on, with Kaku making use of his newfound devil’s fruit power. The Seraphim, acting on Lucci’s orders, smashed the laboratory until Stussy, to everyone’s surprise, bit Kaku, causing him to nod off. It was then revealed that she was a clone of Buckingham Stussy, a former member of the Rock Pirates and that she had likewise begged Stussy to sleep. On Sunday, January 29, we’ll be able to read “One Piece” Chapter 1073.

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