Twitch Bans Pokimane After DMCA Violation

It has been announced that popular Twitch streamer “Pokimane” Imane Anys has been temporarily suspended from the platform for violating copyright law. Video game streams are especially popular on the live streaming site, which has amassed a sizable following since its inception in 2011. Fortnite and League of Legends gameplay streamer Pokimane is one of the most famous individuals on Twitch, and he’s most known for streaming the games.
Streaming on Twitch since 2013, Pokimane has risen to the position of one of the website’s 100 most popular streamers. As a League of Legends player, she went on to become famous for her Fortnite games and watch party streams. Pokimane will watch a movie or a television show and tape the screen during a watch party stream so that subscribers can tune in and watch with her. OfflineTV, an online social entertainment organisation that includes fellow video creators such as Disguised Toast and Scarra, is also home to the popular internet icon. When Pokimane’s five dollar Twitch donation cap is introduced in November 2020 it shows her success on the platform and her willingness to help lesser channels.
When Pokimane was hit with a DMCA notice, the popular streamer announced on Twitter that she would be suspended for 48 hours. In this case, the film or television show’s copyright holder claimed that a watch stream was responsible for the strike. A recent YouTube video by Devin Nash discusses why watch parties are a clear violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Although they don’t own the content themselves, streamers like Pokimane make money through subscriptions and tips by sharing it. However, Nash argues that Pokimane’s DMCA infringement could result in lawsuits, even though she has already announced plans for a 12-hour comeback stream on January 10.
In spite of Pokimane’s high popularity, DMCA strikes have becoming an increasingly common occurrence on Twitch. Twitch streamer xQc was banned in July 2021 following a DMCA strike, however the suspension only lasted five hours. xQc’s DMCA strike appears to be the result of the content creator streaming live footage of the 2020 Summer Olympics, as was the case with Pokimane’s recent suspension. The streamer claimed to have taken all required procedures before uploading the video to Twitch, which is likely to lead to his swift readmission to the service.
Despite Pokimane’s extensive experience on Twitch, it appears that her recent ban may have been avoided. Her temporary Twitch ban was unsurprising because she was streaming video that she didn’t own. However, subsequent watch parties and DMCA takedowns could put Pokimane’s fame at risk. He can return to the platform in just two days.

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