A Godzilla Movie Set Created by an ACNH Fan Using Green Screen Scaffolding

Green screen, Mothra, and more have been added by an Animal Crossing: New Horizons user as part of a fantastic Godzilla movie set. Animal Crossing: New Leaf has evolved into a haven for customizability in the Animal Crossing universe. In addition to the many movie sets that have appeared in ACNH, players are continually coming up with new ideas. There’s still plenty of life in the gaming community even after two years of existence.
With the recent release of Happy Home Paradise, the first major paid DLC for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players now have a plethora of new creative possibilities at their disposal. The goal of Happy Home Paradise is to allow players to design homes for other villagers, effectively giving them many blank canvases. There are some unusual design requests from ACNH locals, but happily, the requests tend to be quite open-ended, allowing individuals to come up with their own ideas.
Cheynerd, a Reddit user from the Animal Crossing subreddit, created an incredible set for the Godzilla movie and shared it with the Reddit community. To demonstrate the wide range of possibilities available through custom design, the “green screen” is a modified construction scaffolding. As Cheynerd explained in the comments, they fired up an Animal Crossing Toy Day helicopter before shooting the photo to give the illusion that it was actually in flight. Mothra, Godzilla’s most famous monster friend, is strikingly resembled by the enormous moth model.
The villager even pretends to be the director of the film, appearing in the foreground with a camera and a clapperboard. Nintendo indicated that after the release of Happy Home Paradise, the game’s DLC would be the last to receive new content. Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which is still highly popular and could easily continue to generate cash for Nintendo in the future, is missing out on a huge opportunity because there isn’t any new content. In a more positive light, it could suggest that Nintendo is putting its whole attention on the upcoming Animal Crossing game, which should include some innovative concepts and upgrades.
Fortunately, Animal Crossing gamers are excellent at figuring out how to use the resources they are provided with. To identify diverse elements into categories that all visually operate well together, the New Horizons community has coined the term “core.” There are numerous well-known and amazing “cores” in ACNH. Despite the fact that this is just one scene, an entire island based around the gigantic lizard movie star would be fantastic. For the time being, Animal Crossing: New Horizons users will no doubt keep coming up with new and inventive ways to decorate their islands.

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