According to Dying Light 2, To Complete the Game, You’ll Need 500 Hours

Techland estimates that it will take 500 hours to complete Dying Light 2 Stay Human at its full potential. Next to 2015’s zombie survival game Dying Light is this new horror-action title, which incorporates a parkour system to help players avoid danger. The apocalyptic action game Dying Light 2 was pushed back to February 2022 last year, with the game’s gameplay scheduled to be improved upon.
Unlike its predecessor, Dying Light 2 will focus on exploration and fighting against undead hordes. Taking place in a huge European city, players will be given distinct sidequests by various factions that will have an impact on their reputations. The lack of guns in Dying Light 2 is a result of the game’s technological degradation, thus players must make do with melee weapons or a crude bow and arrow. This time around, players will be able to use new gadgets like the paraglider to further their exploration. New enhancements to Dying Light 2 have been thoroughly explored in advance of the game’s forthcoming release.
According to a tweet from Dying Light (via Twitter), the next sequel will require around 500 hours of playtime to accomplish. Even while it seems like a huge undertaking, the author later stated that this time period is absolutely necessary in order to complete the sequel. The normal gameplay of Dying Light 2 is projected to take fewer than 100 hours to complete, which includes completing all objectives, unlocking all endings, and exploring the entire urban playground. However, a walk from Warsaw to Madrid, which takes 534 hours, is still a major task, needing 500 hours for the entire completion.
It was possible for Techland to retain the best parts of the original Dying Light while enhancing its weaker mechanics when producing the sequel. To get a better sense of what Dying Light 2’s new features are, we spoke with Lead Designer Tymon Smektaa. Players in Dying Light were able to traverse the game world freely thanks to the game’s parkour technology, although the plot was quite linear. As a result of player choices in Dying Light 2, the plot might take several distinct turns. Smektaa further indicates that as the game progresses, the physical shape of the city will be affected by the player’s choices.
Dying Light 2 is shaping up to be a truly enormous game with a massive metropolis to explore an infinite horde of zombies to kill. With a playtime estimate of more than 20 days of non-stop action, Techland appears to be embracing this grand scale. The game’s ending can be reached in less than 100 hours for casual players, but it can take up to 500 hours for die-hard fans.

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