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Netflix’s ‘Blue Period,’ based on Tsubasa Yamaguchi’s manga, is a wholly Shounen TV anime. The novel becomes a coming-of-age tale showing the protagonist’s inner conflict and his family’s financial troubles up close.

As the story progresses, we learn more about the character of Yatora Yaguchi, a popular and capable high school student who is searching for meaning and purpose in his life.

Then he comes upon art and realizes it’s the final piece of the puzzle he was missing all along. Episode 1 of ‘Blue Period,’ which is currently airing on Netflix, ends with a bang. WARNING: This section contains plot spoilers.

Episode 1 of the Blue Period (Season 1) Review

Three new characters are introduced in the first episode: Urashima, Sumida, and Koigakubo (titled ‘Awakening to the Joy of Painting’).

They eat, drink, smoke, and watch soccer together. Yatra appears to be a highly outgoing person who spends little time learning. As a result, when he achieves high exam scores, his peers believe he is gifted. However, he informs them that he is a diligent worker in reality.

However, he appears uninterested in everything. Yatra is lost in his thoughts. He engages in various activities, such as studying and socializing with his peers, because they all fit into a larger pattern.

A picture created by one of Yatora’s seniors is discovered while visiting the art class to retrieve a pack of cigarettes he had unintentionally left behind.

It has a tremendous effect on him. He makes friends with art club member Ryuuji Ayukawa. At first, their connection is tense, but things start to look up as they get to know one another.

What Will Yatora Study in the Future? Blue Period Episode 1’s Finale

Yatra intends to pursue a career in the arts in the future. His family’s financial situation doesn’t allow him to attend a private school, however.

As a result, the only option left for him is a public school. Sadly, just one school offers a painting degree: Tokyo University of the Arts, where applications are denied regularly.

The choice hasn’t come easily to him. Having come from a working-class background, he initially had serious doubts about pursuing an artistic profession.

Because it is rooted in reality, the starving artist is a common literary and cinematic cliche. Only a small percentage of artists achieve some level of fame or fortune after the end of their careers. Furthermore, he even wonders if he has the talent to be a successful artist.

Yatra’s art teacher, Masako Saeki, assures him that his concern about financial stability is neither unique nor troublesome by relating stories about Picasso and how commercially minded the brilliant painter was.

In addition, senior artist Maru Mori, whose work he admired, teaches him the importance of experience and wisdom above pure skill. All of this, as well as Yatora’s personal experience while painting his Shibuya vision, forces him to decide.

Yatra is filled with excitement as he brings the blue Shibuya to the drawing paper to convey his inner views. That piece of art also helps him feel closer to his pals than he ever has before.

For the first time, he thinks, he’s been able to converse with them. The moment he tells Saeki about his plan, she encourages him while also outlining his challenges in following his desire.

She makes him know that from this point on, it’s going to be a tough road. What matters, however, is that Yatra has made this decision and is willing to risk it all. When someone works hard at something they enjoy, they are unstoppable, as Saeki explains to him.

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