My Hero Academia Chapter 321 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Preview, Storyline, Release Date & What to Expect in this chapter

Deku has one thing in common. Deku has the best classmates. We are so grateful for the way that his classmates rallied to save him. My Hero Academia Chapter 321 will be the culmination of this little story and Deku’s last days should be over.

We also got a new page color this week. This page is the second in a series that celebrates 7 years of serialization. It is amazing how fast time passes.

The audience is captivated by the thriller-themed show. Because of the show’s amazing storyline, millions of people around the world want to see it.

There is a lot of excitement among the audience and many people want to see more amazing and memorable moments. The chapter opens with a Class A Hero Fropp looking in the right direction. The chapter’s title is “Deku vs. Class”.

Bakugo’s fourth wall comment that Deku was drawn differently, is the only bright moment in an otherwise dark chapter.

Even if the intervention is done for the right reasons, it could lead to a disastrous outcome.

Deku is extremely upset and unable to process the actions of his friend.

Bakugo took the responsibility to save and protect Deku.

This is a good close-up of Deku’s classmates, and their desire to see their friend again.

Momo’s comment that Eri will be missing him is an emotional one.

Deku apologizes and then decides to run.

The heroes mocked him for using Blackwhip and claimed that this is why everyone is afraid of Deku. Deku recalls the first time he used Blackwhip.

Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 321, release date: 1 August 2021. The thrilling action series will have many amazing sequences and it will be very exciting to watch.

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