English Raw Scans for Boruto Chapter 60 Summaries Released Online

  • The last chapter showed that Kawaki had seen a flashback to the past, where Code and Kawaki were fighting. Kawaki hated Code because Isshiki chose Kawaki over Code to be his vessel.
  • Amado is talking about Isshiki, and Kawaki becomes angry and smashes him into a wall. Amado says that Kawaki subconsciously requires more power.
  • It’s possible that Kara will invade Konohagakure with the help of Code, Ada, and Daemon. Amado might help Kawaki unlock his powers.
  • There are rumors that Naruto might have to kill his son if it happens.
  • This could lead to more inner conflict. Ada’s interactions with Boruto, Kawaki, and Kawaki would be fascinating.
  • They are believed to be immune from her powerful charm.
  • Amado reminds Kawaki that he is missing the point.
  • The latter is still in Ohtsutsuki’s vessel and will not change. Kawaki is furious and asks Amado what he’s trying to convey.
  • Amado replies that Isshiki may be lifted from the grave, but Kawaki could still be Isshiki’s host and vessel. Amado realized that they could still embed Karma in Kawaki’s body.
  • According to the tweet, Boruto chapter 60 may follow Boruto.
  • Kawaki might decide to continue training because a stronger enemy is watching over Boruto and all those who are fighting for justice. This is the moment for the final fight.

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