Boku no My Hero Academia Chapter 321 Raw Scans Leaked Online

Deku will defeat his peers brutally.

Deku will not be returning to UA as a student.

The stain will be an integral part of the story. He might help Deku escape or make sure Deku is away from his friends.

Uraraka may be open about her feelings for Deku. Deku’s actions have also made Uraraka jaded about Hero society.

Bakugo informs Deku that he is certain he has unlocked the fourth- and sixth jurisdictions for One for All. Bakugo still feels that Deku is not like other people and was given special treatment.

Bakugo refers to Deku as an idiot and Deku thanks Class-A for helping him achieve great heights.

In the final battle, the traitor to the UA will be exposed.

Jiro uses Quirk Heart Beat-Wall to capture Deku but is too slow for him. Deku realizes that Jiro helped with his schoolwork back when they were together. Deku appreciates the help of his students to improve his life.

Midoriya was counterattacked by Midoriya and one of the Heroes unleashed Tornado Tail Dance. Midoriya wrapped his tail around the tail. Deku realizes that this was something he did with Shinso at the school festival.

Bakugo will experience a breakdown in the next chapters due to the fact that Deku was unable to help him.

Mineta or Hagakure might be in a position to use their quirks and bring about a truce.

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