[NEW] Boku no My Hero Academia Chapter 321 Spoilers Released Online

Bakugou shared with Deku that he had heard of Deku unlocking the powers for the sixth and fourth users. Deku was also able to comment on how different he looks now.

Deku thanked his friends, but he didn’t need their assistance. To slip away, the hero activated the smokescreen of the sixth.

One of the Heroes shouts out that they won’t lend Eri food dye to make Eri’s candy. Deku says that Eri is fine without him and that it doesn’t always have to be him.

Momo says they are willing to work with him since they have never had the chance to assist Endeavor or the Pro Heroes through their Quirk. Momo stated that this mission was to protect Deku.

Deku is pinned by them, and they notice that they have brought a machine to make him unconscious.

Bakugou shouted at his classmates, “They can’t let him escape!” Bakugou tried to stop Deku by using the Land Mine Blast attack.

Anima used his Quirk in order to tell the birds to stop the hero. He said that Nezu was ready for Deku to return to the academy.

Deku’s friends won’t give up on him, as All For One and League of Villains are still imminent. Deku, however, wants them to go because he is determined to defeat the villains on his own.

Boku no Hero Academia 321, will show the full fight between Deku and Class 2-A. The fight is tentatively called “Deku v.s. It will be available on August 1, 2021. Due to the Tokyo Olympics, Boku no Hero Academia will be on hiatus for this week.

The next chapter will see Deku facing all his classmates. Deku is suffering from mental trauma and is in a very dark place. Deku is yelling at his family members and taking harmful steps. Deku struggles with his demon’s mirror Tomura, showing how depressed and depressed he is.

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