[Final] Spoiler for Boruto Chapter 60 English Raw Scans, Storyline, Preview, Summaries & What to expect in this chapter

Mikio Ikemoto’s illustrations never cease to amaze me. His gentle touches on the characters are a blessing for the next chapter. The summary of the chapter is one thing. But the fun of the illustrations adds to the story’s enjoyment.

The fearful expressions of Bug and his character add more emotion to the chapter. Another clever plot was developed in this chapter.

We found more details, and maybe a new route for the shinobi to victory over the cyborgs. We can see a better picture of the story Kishimoto wants to tell by digging deeper.

Sumire wants to know what Amado meant when he restored Kawaki’s Karma.

Amado doesn’t answer, and he continues to work on something that looks like it is a container.

Daemon, on the other hand, is playing with Code.

Bug tries sneaking out of the room, but Code bangs his head against the ground and says “Where do you think you are going?”

Code demonstrates how they can go from Claw Mark to Claw Mark.

Boruto Chapter 59 was titled Knight’ and shows Ada introducing Daemon to Code. Ada requested that Code allow Daemon to join the fight against Naruto, the company, and other villains. Boruto Chapter 60 will continue to tell Code and his team how they will execute their plan.

Daemon would be allowed to join the team, as Code has promised to exact revenge on Ohtsuki Isshiki’s death. Boruto Chapter sixty will likely show Code, Ada, and Daemon preparing to kill Naruto along with others.

Shikamaru and Sai are discussing the findings they made on the roof of Hokage’s office.

Shikamaru claims that some teleportation markings were applied.

Ibiki claims that there have been several reports about ‘Claw Marks” being found in different villages.

Sai says Code is targeting Boruto, Sasuke, and Naruto. He will also keep an eye out for Amado, Kawaki, and Kawaki.

Shinobis are watching Kawaki.

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