[NEW] Spoilers for Kingdom Chapter 687 Released Online

The Kan Ki army is full of betrayals. Raido says that honor and loyalty are not valued in this army.

They are motivated by personal gain, and every soldier is capable of doing terrible things. Raido would be expected to try to sell his comrades.

Raido didn’t do such a thing! He was only tortured for his punishment and no such thing was offered to him at the beginning.

Raido has been listening to everything in silence until now, and he finally opens his mouth. He claims that Kanki would most likely tell them the plan if he were there. But Kochou refuses to tell him anything for exactly that reason.

The Olympics are coming! The 2020 Olympics will take place in Tokyo, Japan, as you all know. They were delayed due to Covid. They are finally here.

Shueisha will be taking a week-long vacation to celebrate the occasion. They also missed the Olympics last summer, despite being postponed!

Kochou is attentive to Kochou’s needs and tells him that it would be a waste to talk to him more. Ryuufu is then declared general of the left-wing by Raido. Raido also realizes something and wishes that he could have spoken with Kanki again.

Kochou was willing to give Kan Ki his life in exchange for him being spared. Raido realizes that Kan Ki may have forced him to tell the truth.

Raido rejects the idea, as his General would also do it. Although it is odd for Raido to do this, Raido’s thoughts at such a time are far from rational.

Kingdom Chapter 686 Recap

Raido is forced to kneel at the Kochou army headquarters because his hands are tied behind him at Kochou Army Headquarters.  Raido accepts the accusations and calls Ryuuhaku foolish.

Kochou said that Ryuuhaku was like his family, and he understands how his real family feels. He praises Raido, however, for his great work on the battlefield. He also says that he would have done the same if he was in Raido’s shoes.

He also stated that, even though he fought fairly, he could not let him go with his general’s blood on his hands and that he must punish him. He orders the assassins to cut their fingers, and Raido is free to choose which side.

Raido said that he left and the assassin took it off. Kochou then says that he must punish Raido for the massacre at Kokuyou. He also says that he will take an arm. Raido asks him again which side he is on, and Raido feels his game.

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