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We all want to know what General Kan Ki will do. General Kochou lost a significant part of his troops and immediately replaced it with a younger, more powerful one.

Kan Ki isn’t as strong as Raido, however.

Kingdom 687 will be an important chapter as we are bound to see Kan Ki. This chapter is crucial.

This battle seems hopeless, and Qin shouldn’t suffer such a devastating blow as the loss of his army. What is the future of this dysfunctional army?

General Kochou likely considers Raido human garbage, as does his army. Raido was an aggressor and he killed a Zhao leader. General Kochou stated that Raido did probably the right thing.

He would likely do the same if the roles were reversed. War is cruel, after all.

This praise is not worth it. Raido was tortured to death by him. His people did horrible things, and Raido’s people just yearned to die.

Raido, on the other hand, is kept alive for longer periods of time and is relentlessly punished.

The Olympics are on the horizon! The 2020 Olympics were originally scheduled to be held in Tokyo (Japan), as you all know. They were delayed due to Covid. They are now taking place.

Raido seems to have told Kochou they would lose because he knew Kanki’s plans. He, therefore, did not give any details.

Although his death was not shown on screen, we will likely see the effects of Raido’s torture while on the battlefield. Kanki will not be able to forget the report that Raido was tortured by Kochou. It will be horrendous.

It will be a pleasure to see Kanki face an opponent as brutal as him. He will be unable to overcome his psychological disadvantage and will need to use emotional manipulation to win the battle.

The next few chapters will be thrilling, regardless of who it is.

Shueisha will be taking a week-long vacation to celebrate this. They also had an Olympics break last year, despite being delayed!

In the next issue of Weekly Young Jump, raw scans for Kingdom 687 manga are available. The chapter will be released on the 26th of July 2021.

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