Finally, English Raw Scans for Boruto Chapter 59 Leaked Online

Finally, English Raw Scans for Boruto Chapter 59 Leaked Online

At that time, followers witnessed Isshiki’s demise, while Naruto and Sasuke dropped their forces.

So, enthusiasts can expect to watch some other set of intense turns of incidents at Boruto Chapter 5 9. There are theories Code can start to attack Konoha and trigger Momoshiki in Boruto.

If it happens, what’s going to be the future of Naruto’s offspring, knowing different Kages’ eyes ‘ are to him. Will they execute Boruto to save the people of Konoha from their hazard?

At Boruto Chapter 5 8, Kawaki and also Boruto started honing their fighting skills to prepare themselves for the upcoming big struggle.

Though these two are partial to each other, it can’t be denied which they are competitions, Recent highlights said.

Boruto Chapter 5-9 spoiler notions are saying the manga narrative will wind on a big cliffhanger because it marks at the finish of their current quantity.

Every time the amount ends, there is something going on in the end that affects the course of upcoming events.

Fans remember that Volume 14 ended with the death of Isshiki, Naruto, and Sasuke shedding their key forces and Code obtaining the Otsutsuki karma on him.

Kawaki admits he is going to find a great deal more robust and is going to do such a thing to become a better warrior.

The former chapter opens using Naruto telling Boruto in regards to the meds he obtained from Amado. Boruto is astonished to learn that Amado generated drugs that could suppress Ohtsutsukification.

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