[Latest] Spoilers for Boruto Chapter 59 Raw Scans Released Online

Boruto Chapter 59 marks the close of the manga’s quantity 15, therefore fans may expect this chapter to end with a significant cliffhanger. Subsequent to the previous installment’s events, a lot is all about to happen in the series.

Fans are nowadays beginning projecting their theories on what could take place following in Boruto Chapter 5 9. As quantity 15 includes a close, audience are quite convinced something big is about to happen in Boruto, Kawaki along with the remaining portion of the throw own lives.

There are so many things that could occur in the narrative next also it’s difficult to foresee the specific activities.

But, it’s almost sure that something big will happen in Boruto Chapter 59 as the difficulty marks the end of this current manga Volume. Boruto quantity 15 will comprise chapters 56 to 59 plus it is why buffs are positive the storyline will wind to a big cliffhanger.

Below is additional information on Boruto Chapter 5-9 spoilers, theories, and release day updates. Fans remember that quantity 14 stopped with the demise of Isshiki, Naruto, and Sasuke losing their primary powers and Code gaining the Otsutsuki karma on him.

Something similar could take place in Boruto Chapter 5-9 too plus some important game-changing occasions can occur place. Most of the theories say that Code will strike Konoha and trigger Momoshiki inside of Boruto and that sounds utterly plausible now.

The spoilers and leaks for the manga issue might be a day or two before this, however, fans need to better wait for the original version.

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