Major Spoilers for Boruto Chapter 59 Raw Scans, Preview, Storyline Released Online

 Boruto Chapter 59 Raw Scans, Preview, Storyline Released Online

Boruto is excited and inquires if they could prevent Momoshiki from taking on his own body if he chooses the meds.

Naruto tells him the pills will only suppress the advancement but can’t remove his Karma.

Boruto tries to scrutinize the meds because Naruto cautions that although they really don’t know such a thing in their side-effects, Amado mentioned he could die as a result of acute consequences.

Boruto appears to dismiss his father’s warnings and pops a handful of supplements. Naruto freaks outside and yells. Boruto informs him to curl up as he could be preparing to receive the worst.

Kawaki is still showing an astonishing style of battling being new to Ninjutsu.

Boruto, rather, will present his particular progress, ” as he tells Kawaki teamwork is critical to this Shinobi way. a thing may occur in Boruto Chapter 59 too and some big game-changing occasions may occur place.

Many of the notions assert that Code will strike Konoha and activate Momoshiki within Boruto and that seems utterly plausible only at that time.

Boruto quantity 15 will contain chapters 56 to 59 and it is the reason why fans are positive that the narrative will end on a significant cliffhanger. Here is a lot more info about Boruto Chapter 5 9 spoilers, concepts, and release date upgrades.

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