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[Updated] Spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 374 Raw Scans, Storyline, New Summaries & What to Expect in this Chapter

Based on chapter 374 spoilers, it seems that even after his death, Twice can still affect the course of the conflict. The bad guy died after being stabbed by the Hawks while trying to save Toga. Twice, also known as Jin Bubaigawara, was a psychopath who proudly embraced his mental instability. He had an existential crisis that drove him insane. As soon as he took off his disguise, he had symptoms of a dissociative illness (OSDD).

If he took his mask off, he’d freak out and threaten to “split” until he put it back on, at which point he’d feel “whole” again. The maturity he had shown in the years leading up to his death was striking. He broke through his personal barriers in the face of the Meta Liberation Army and used Infinite Doubles: Sad Man’s Parade, a manoeuvre so devastating that it even Re-Destro flinch.

In My Hero, Academia, Toga and Twice had an unusual friendship. She loved him as a friend and considered him family, and he appeared over over heels in adoration of her. He said his final goodbyes, apologising for failing to protect her and taking solace in knowing he had helped his genuine colleagues in the League. Unique, to be sure, but endearing.
Return of Sad Man’s Parade in My Hero Academia Chapter 374 may alter the outcome of the battle.

Dabi was first seen giving Toga Himiko a vial of Twice’s blood back in chapter 341 of My Hero Academia. His motivation at the time was a mystery to his followers. Toga Himiko had a special ability called Transform, and it had to do with her blood. She could take on another person’s appearance and speech after eating their blood. The longer she is able to maintain the person’s form is proportional to the amount of blood she drinks. Spoilers for the next chapter 374 of My Hero Academia have revealed that Dabi and two Twice clowns, allegedly created by Himiko Toga, have arrived where AFO, Endeavor, and Shoto are. This pretty much explains what happened to Twice’s blood.

It’s possible that Dabi had an idea of how extreme his friend’s peculiarity was, and had saved a sample for Toga in case he ever passed away. And thus, even though Twice had died, he was still not really gone. If Toga could create two clowns, she probably could create more. She had planned all along to use his blood in the manner that Dabi had proposed in My Hero Academia chapter 341.

In order to defeat the better-prepared heroes, the bad guys would require something like a staggering number of duplicates. Plus, Toga would have the perfect opportunity for vengeance by exploiting her best friend’s abilities to deal a lethal blow to the heroes. It would function well as postmortem atonement Twice. The villain would jump at the chance to show himself to the League by taking on this challenge. Now, his prized Toga may wear it as part of her Sad Girl’s Parade.

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