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Read My Hero Academia Chapter 374 Summaries, Storyline, Preview, Leaks & Much More Updates

Spoilers for the upcoming chapter of My Hero Academia have begun to circulate online after the shocking conclusion of the last episode. Its events don’t provide a direct explanation for what went down at Central Hospital, but they do set up a showdown between Dabi and Endeavor. Spoilers for well-liked Weekly Shonen Jump books tend to sneak out into the internet. Even though the movie My Hero Academia doesn’t come out until this weekend, people are already leaking details about the plot online.

Summary of My Hero Academia, Chapter 373
Recent chapters have centred on the conflict between the Pro Heroes, led by Shoji and Koji, and those with mutant peculiarities in Central Hospital. Meanwhile, a Spinner with superpowers is on his way to Kurogiri to carry out All For One’s orders. Chapter 373 concludes with Kurogiri’s release. Despite his newfound resemblance to Shirakumo, it appears he still supports the evildoers. This might suggest that the villains have gained access to Kurogiri’s portals, which will cause a lot of problems for the heroes.

The current development is timely since Deku is gaining ground against Shigaraki. Although the events at Central Hospital are still unfolding, it is worth noting that Shoto Todoroki has already won his duel with Dabi. Dabi, however, was shown to have made it through, and his current mission is to find where Endeavor is hiding out and defeat him. When it comes to Endeavor, he’s fighting alongside Hawks and the other Pro Heroes against the villainous All For One.

This text contains spoilers for My Hero Academia, Chapter 374.
A massive cloud has emerged above Japan, according to the news, which opens the newest chapter. Dabi will soon enter, and he will be pondering his options for getting to Endeavor.
As soon as Skeptic makes touch with Dabi, a dimensional rift appears before him. The next scene shows Deku engaged in combat with Shigaraki, with the latter progressively losing ground. Nonetheless, a gateway appears behind Aizawa and the other heroes, albeit it is unclear who has made his way through it.

At the end of this new chapter, Endeavor and Hawks are battling All For One through a portal when Dabi and two Twice clones emerge. It’s unclear how the Twice doubles got there, although Himiko Toga seems to have been involved. For certain, the next episode will feature a battle between Dabi and Endeavor. However, you should probably treat these spoilers with some caution.

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