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[Leaked] Read Black Clover Chapter 344, Spoilers, New Release Date, Plot & More News

Chapter 344 of Black Clover is to Be Released Soon
As was previously reported, issue no. 51 of the weekly shonen jump magazine will have a hiatus for both Black Clover Chapter 344 and My Hero Academia Chapter 373. Consequently, the 52nd edition of the weekly shonen jump magazine, in which Black Clover Chapter 344 will appear, will be released on November 20. At the same time, additional series including Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece, Sakamoto Days, and many more will be included in the 51st edition of the monthly shonen jump magazine.

Unless a hiatus is announced by the author or the magazine itself, new chapters of all the weekly shonen jump series, including Black Clover, are issued in the new editions of the weekly shonen jump magazine on Sundays. Look into where you may read the upcoming chapter of Black Clover for free.

Update: The Expected Release Date is 28th November, 2022.

Chapter 344 of Black Clover Spoilers and Raw Scans
The invasion of the Land of the Sun by the Paladins will continue in Black Clover Chapter 344, and we may get to see Asta’s response to his new sister Lily. Given that there are at least three of these Paladins, all of whom are powerful, it’s possible that the shogun of the Land of the Sun, with his notorious eye, will also be involved. On Wednesday, November 16th, raw scans & spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 344 will become accessible, and by Friday, November 18th, a comprehensive description of the chapter will be made available. In the event that raw scans & spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 344 become available before we can update this section, we will create a separate article for them.

Latest Updates for Chapter 344

In Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump issue #50, there was no chapter of Black Clover, leading fans to speculate that the manga’s creator, Yuki Tabata, has taken an indefinite hiatus and the next chapter would be postponed. A page of apologies from the manga’s creator will replace it in the magazine. The manga is pausing for the second time in a month. After chapter 341 the manga had a weeklong sabbatical, the same week Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter x Hunter returned from its break.

This week, Black Clover is apparently taking an unexpected hiatus
Twitter leaker @diab 26 claims that manga publisher Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump will publish an apology page from Black Clover creator Yuki Tabata this week, prompting a brief hiatus in the series. After a two-week hiatus, the manga will reportedly resume in issue #52 of the magazine with chapter 344, as revealed by another rumoured leaker, @WSJ manga. There was some misunderstanding about when the manga would be updated on VIZ and MANGA Plus, leading to rumours that it might take a vacation this week.

However, the release dates have since been updated to November 13. The leakers’ exposure of Black Clover’s unexpected break in WSJ #51, however, lends credence to the earlier rumours. Fans may anticipate the publication of chapter 344 on Monday, November 28 at 12 am JST, however, this has not yet been verified. The latest details will be available in the next issue #51 of the manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump. Meanwhile, @WSJ manga, the source of the leak, has announced that the most recent details about the anime will be included in Weekly Shonen Jump issue #51.

The source of the leak was insistent that the magazine article specifically specified an “anime” and not a “movie.” When “anime” was used in a previous announcement, which turned out to be about Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King, it caused a lot of difficulties for the leaker. An internal magazine translation reads, “We will share the newest information on the anime “Black Clover” that you can’t take your eyes off!”

Since the final episode of the anime, numbered 170, aired on March 30, 2021, fans have been anticipating its return with great anticipation. The new details might still pertain to the next film, but we won’t know for sure until the release of Weekly Shonen Jump issue #51.
Fans will have to hold tight until then.

About Chapter 344
As Chapter 344 of Black Clover is not scheduled for publication in the next edition of the weekly shonen jump magazine, its release date is uncertain and likely far in the future. For the past few chapters, the story has centred completely on Asta and the new world is shown in the Black Clover, a place that looks like ancient Japan and has earned the fan-favourite phrase, “It’s Wano Kuni all over again.” There comes a point in every shonen manga or anime we read or watch when the author returns to their homeland for inspiration. Oda sensei spent close to two decades making the Wano arc seem like Japan; it’s also the longest arc in the series.

Whereas, it appears that Yuki Tabata sensei has been saving his usage of traditional Japanese folktales for the series’ final arc, and it’s looking well so far. As the series has featured Yami, commander of the Black Bulls, a figure signifying a way of swords from the beginning, we have certainly been receiving signs of this arc coming. In the most recent instalment, Yami’s sister continues to hold a grudge towards him and the foreigner Asta on the assumption that Yami massacred his own clan. Black Clover Chapter 343 concluded with Sister Lily or the new humans nicknamed by Lucius “Paladins” unexpectedly arriving in the land of the sun and bringing violence to the tranquil kingdom.

Black Clover Chapter 344 – Read Online
The current edition of the Japanese weekly shonen jump magazine, in which Black Clover Chapter 344 may be found, will hit newsstands on Monday, November 21. While readers in any part of the world may get the newest chapters of weekly shonen jump series like Black Clover for free on sites like Viz Media and Manga Plus. Though all manga on the website is displayed, only the most recent three and the first three will be free to read. In order to access Black Clover and the other series available on the platforms, a membership price must be paid.

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