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[Latest] Black Clover Chapter 344 Summaries, New Release Date, Plot & More Leaks

Typical Events (speculative)
The confrontation between Ichika, Asta, and Ryuya and Sister Lily and her two new Paladins, probably Heath and Revchi, will be the main event in Black Clover chapter 344. Tabata has been moving at a breakneck rate as of late, so readers should anticipate him to skip any unnecessary setbacks and go directly into this battle. However, readers may expect the other members of the Ryuzen Seven to be called into action if he takes another issue to develop the conflict. This scenario is also likely to include a discussion of Asta’s flawless Zetten form and the reasons why he was unable to use it against Ichika in the previous chapter. What strength Ryudo Ryuya appears to be keeping from Asta and the readers will likely be revealed as well. Many readers are under the impression that he possesses powers beyond his current comprehension because of how easily he intervened in the conflict between Asta and Ichika. As of this writing, however, there is no spoiler material about Black Clover chapter 344, so all of this is just speculation. Therefore, readers have to wait until later in the week, when spoiler material is released, to find out what happens in the issue.

On November 28 at 12:00 AM JST, the next chapter of Black Clover will become available. Fans are waiting for this issue with bated breath, and they can only imagine the possibilities. Although a battle between Ichika, Asta, and Ryuya and Sister Lily and her two Paladins is to be anticipated, many unanswered questions remain. Therefore, readers have been desperate for whatever spoilers they can find for Black Clover chapter 344. At the time of this article’s publication, there was no such thing as confirmed spoiler information for this issue, but readers did have a firm release date to look forward to.

When it will be available to read and where?
On Monday, November 28 at 12 midnight JST, the Japanese release of Black Clover Chapter 344 will occur. It will be available on Sunday, November 27 during the daylight hours for most overseas readers. On Monday, November 28, the edition will be available to a select group of worldwide readers. The issue is available on Viz Media’s site, the MANGAPlus site, and the Shonen Jump+ app, all from Shueisha. Both of the former options are free of charge, and they provide access to the first issue and the most recent three issues of a series. The latter is a paid membership service that gives readers access to a whole series.

The following is a list of times in various time zones when the next chapter will be made available:
Time in the Pacific Time Zone: Sunday, November 27 at 7:00 AM Time in the Eastern Time Zone: 10:00 AM
Greenwich On Sunday, November 27 at 3 p.m. EST, it will be 4 p.m. EST in Central Europe.
Sunday, November 27, at 8:30 p.m. Indian Standard Time
11 p.m., Sunday, November 27 (Philippine Standard Time)
Monday, November 28 at 12 AM in Japan; Monday, November 28 at 12:30 PM in Australia (Central).

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