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[Updated] Spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 374 Raw Scans, Storyline, Summaries & What to Expect in this Chapter

On Tuesday, November 22, spoilers and raw scans of My Hero Academia chapter 374 were made available, giving fans a thrilling preview of the supposed events that would take place in the upcoming issue. The fact that the rest of the series’ globe appears to be keeping a close eye on events in Japan is probably the most interesting part. However, this is cut short as All For One’s diabolical plan is enacted and Kurogiri returns.

In Chapter 374 of My Hero Academia, the original League of Villains members begin organising, and the Sad Man’s Parade makes a comeback, all thanks to Himiko Toga and her Quirk, Transform. In this post, we’ll discuss the rumoured spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 374 in detail. All lines lead to the Gunga Mountains in My Hero Academia chapter 374, revealing All For One’s strategy for Kurogiri.

Spoilers for Chapter 374
Spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 374, titled “Butterfly Effect,” reveal that the issue opens with Present Mic and Kurogiri still at Central Hospital. Next, a DC-based weather report is shown, in which a reporter mentions the sudden appearance of a massive cloud above Japan. According to her, the cloud might travel all the way across North America on the wind currents. She shows Shoto, Dabi, and Endeavor panels and adds meteorologists think it formed because of a confluence of heat waves from different sections of the nation.

She then alludes to the butterfly effect, claiming that just as the movement of a single butterfly in Brazil may set off a storm in Texas, so too has the birth of the luminous baby set off the current anarchy in the Paranormal community. She then compares the impact of All For One to that of a single individual changing the world, before the broadcast is abruptly cut off and the scene shifts to the Kamino battleground, where Shoto is wondering how Dabi can still move when everyone else is fatigued.

Meanwhile, Dabi is worrying that he won’t have time to kill Shoto and then travel to the Gunga Mountains. At that point, Shoto notices, and he begins a flight in the direction of where Endeavor. Burnin’, meantime, recognises that his body won’t hold out for long, with Shoto trying to provoke Dabi into giving up and fighting him instead. In the next scene of My Hero Academia chapter 374, Skeptic contacts Dabi and makes a joke about the cost of the trip just as a portal appears in front of him.

Afterwards, the focus changes to UA High, where we find Manual discussing the effects of the assaults on his water supply and inquiring as to whether or not Monoma is alright. The youthful hero assures us that he is well and that he must do his part in this historic battle if they are to prevail. A doorway emerges behind Aizawa, Monoma, and the others while Shigaraki’s chest is puffed up and Deku prepares to attack him once more. A speech from All For One begins this issue; in it, he claims that he has always trusted people’s sentiments and that he anticipated Spinner’s success in reawakening Kurogiri.

According to the chapter 374 spoilers for My Hero Academia, All For One “placed a microdevice in Nana’s hand so Kurogiri would know exactly what to do when he woke up.” However, it’s probable that Nana is an error, as the only Nana it may refer to is Nana Shimura. Considering Nana had already passed away long before the war broke out, it’s possible that this is a clerical error. However, spoilers suggest that this is where Dabi ultimately arrives, where All For One, Endeavor, and Hawks are, where he addresses his father as “daddy,” and where he teases Hawks by saying they’ll see what happens had the Pro Hero not prioritised Twice, all while being accompanied by two Twice clowns, seemingly made by Himiko Toga.

After Hawks insists that they must eliminate Dabi quickly, the narrative ends. Overall, My Hero Academia Chapter 374 is a really thrilling chapter. Initial spoilers include some uncertainty due to typos and confusing phrasing, but the issue still appears quite intriguing. Nonetheless, readers should bear in mind that these supposed spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 374 are just that and that the official release may have different events and language.

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