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Read My Hero Academia Chapter 374 Summaries, Storyline, Preview, Leaks & Much More Updates

Kurogiri, who has been confined at the Central Hospital for some time, learns about Spinner’s efforts and sacrifices. Now that Kurogiri has woken up, Present Mic must keep him from helping Shigaraki. Find out all you need to know about the release of My Hero Academia Chapter 374 right here!

Recap of Chapter 373 of My Hero Academia
The cover art for Chapter 373 of My Hero Academia, titled “Friends,” features an image of Shirakumo Oboro alongside the words “his body is tainted with darkness itself,” a reference to Kurogiri. The chapter opens with Shoji and Koda working together to defend the Central Hospital from the mutants of the Paranormal Liberation Front, while Present Mic goes for Spinner. In this chapter, one mutant sneaks up on Shoji from behind, but the same pigheaded mutant that intervened in the previous chapter steps in to stop the attack.

The pig-headed mutant figures out, to everyone’s surprise, that he isn’t channelling his anger productively and proclaims as much. The commander of the Paranormal Liberation Front (PLF) is incensed by the pigheaded mutant’s comment and orders his troops to press on inside the hospital to join Spinner, claiming that anybody who has disregarded their misery is an enemy. And now, he says, they deserve to face the same brutality they did back then. Nevertheless, the swine-brained mutant agrees with Shoji that there must be a better method to eliminate their prejudice. After all, after being assaulted and discriminated against repeatedly, there are certain individuals he still doesn’t want to hurt.

And so the PLF general draws the conclusion that Shoji is able to reach out to his fellow mutants, despite the PLF’s attempts to radicalise everyone to the point that their rage becomes a restriction against rationality. The remaining mutants realise their mistakes as the PLF general urgently attempts to keep everyone going. Shoji then tells everyone that their emotions are valid and that they need not feel bad about acting on them, as no one has ever done so before. And he says he’ll remember what everyone says and that bullies will eventually feel bad about using their fists on them.

Realizing the uprising is over, Rock Lock tells their reinforcements to evacuate the medical centre. Spinner is knocked over by Present Mic’s sound wave in the hospital’s research department. Spinner’s recorder, which contains recordings of All For One and Shigaraki’s voices, is also damaged by his voice. Spinner sees that Shigaraki has lost a hand and the recorder and hears Present Mic wonder if Kurogiri is entirely broken. Spinner is upset because nobody is following him anymore, and Kurogiri just won’t get out of bed. He started thinking back on the times when all he wanted to do was follow Shigaraki until he found him.

However, in the present day, Mic competes with Spinner to get to Kurogiri as fast as possible, thinking back on the good old days when they were all together with Aizawa and life seemed to be going smoothly. Spinner uses his remaining power to hold Shigaraki’s hand in front of Kurogiri’s face, insisting that they must save Shigaraki and the others before Present Mic can get to Kurogiri. Kurogiri suddenly frees himself from his bonds and claims to be the protector of Tomura Shigaraki, Kurogiri.

My Hero, Academia Chapter 374 Will Be Available On:
On November 27, 2022, readers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe can expect to find My Hero Academia Chapter 374.
Scheduled for release in Japan on November 28, 2022, in Chapter 374.

when will My Hero Academia Chapter 374 be released?
Chapter 374 of My Hero Academia will be released in Japan on November 28, 2022, at 12:00 a.m. JST.
The following release times apply to your location if the data provided above holds true:
9 a.m., Pacific Time (November 27, 2022)
Time Zone: CST 11:00
12:00 PM, Eastern Time
At five o’clock in the afternoon, British time,

My Hero Academia Chapter 374 Predictions and Spoilers
While there have been no major spoilers published online as of this writing, the events of the most recent chapter suggest that Kurogiri is determined to safeguard Shigaraki at all costs. A war between two old friends seems inevitable, so the next chapter will likely explore the history between Kurogiri and Present Mic. This article will be updated if and when any substantial spoilers are revealed. My Hero Academia Chapter 374 is coming soon, so stay tuned for more updates and announcements in the meantime!

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