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Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 72 Latest Spoilers, Release Date, & Summaries

Now that the month is coming to a close, readers’ eyes are on a potentially exciting new chapter. Something unexpected might be in store for readers in Chapter 72 of Record of Ragnarok. In the last chapter, we saw Tesla using one strategy after another to defeat his adversary. But it didn’t take long for people to realise that he could be running out of tricks.

Those who have followed Tesla’s career up to this point will recognise his greatest gambit when it is revealed in the plot that follows. As a result, he cares less about gaining support than he does about winning the battle. At this point, supporters are pulling for the Gods’ side to triumph.

Chapter 72 “What Will Happen Next?”: Spoilers
We have to wait for the book to be released before we know the title or any narrative specifics. Near the end of the chapter, Tesla revealed one of his greatest tricks. Clearly, this was the coil he had been working on for so long. And now came the moment for the world to see the reveal of this deception. Beelzebub’s defence strategy against the impending onslaught will be fascinating to observe. It’s the first time in the history of the match that no spectators had any kind of preference for any of the players.

They’re at a point where a victory by one of the God players would be really satisfying. But his greatest feat is still to come. This move by the God players may be their last chance to regain control of the matches. Much of the mayhem that has been occurring up until Chapter 72 of Record Of Ragnarok will be resolved.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 72 is titled “Science’s Counterattack.” The Gematria Zone, which Tesla had managed to generate, astonished onlookers. Each and every one of them believed this to be a magical occurrence. However, Thomas Edison vouched that this was legitimate scientific research. Lots of Tesla’s manuscripts were pilfered back in 1943.

And the agency responsible for that was the FBI or another government organisation. The conflict lasted for a very long time, culminating in a discovery that changed the course of human history forever. Everyone was now talking about how Tesla had let all of his eggs out of the basket, and it was too late for him to recover. Now that Tesla has revealed his greatest trick, this chapter may close.

Release Date For Chapter 72 Of “The Record Of Ragnarok”
By the weekend, the newest chapter will be available to readers. It looks like a victor may soon be crowned in the seventh and final match. This one is coming out all at once, with no delays. So, on May 25th, spectators will be able to see the match. Chapter 72 of Record of Ragnarok will be the last to be published, on November 25, 2022. Only on Monthly Comic Zenon’s official pages will readers be able to catch up on all the chapters.

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