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[New] Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Chapter 102 Latest Release Date, leaks & Spoilers, Updates & More

Readers of the TenSura manga were left ravenous by the last chapter. The delicious food that Rimuru and his companions were eating seemed too good to pass up. Drunk Rimuru revealed his plans for the future at the same moment. Hinata was affected by this in some way. She has a different perspective on him now. The manga is now emphasising societal development over combat. Awesome, but when will TenSura go back to the main story? Numerous followers have shown an interest in learning more about the game’s larger-scale political dynamics.

You need not worry. Possible new subplots will be introduced in the upcoming chapter. Discover the storyline and when the next chapter of Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken will be released right here! Some things will be revealed in the future chapter. Things are beginning to alter as a result of Rimuru’s efforts. The author has given readers glimpses of the character’s development. Even Hinata has come around to see the merit in Rimuru’s proposals. Because of this, supplementary materials such as Chapter 101 were quite important. But will the following chapter likewise be a diversion?

Titled “Reconciliation and Agreement 2.5,” chapter 101 of TenSura outlined a process for reaching a consensus on a variety of issues. It was a feast, after all! Starting off the chapter, Veldora gave a lesson on making Sukiyaki. To begin with, the Lubelius population had their doubts. However, they eventually gave up and devoured the marbled flesh. The food literally melted in their mouths. When Hinata was a priest, she never had access to such luxuries. Rimuru, however, admitted that he had been using a hack talent to replicate the Japanese cuisine he had become accustomed to.

Hinata questioned his world-building ambitions, asking him what type of place he was aiming to create. Then, Rimuru got really wasted and started spouting forth his entire strategy. Even the use of enchanted cables in the construction of communication networks was broached. Hinata was impressed by this. She did, however, caution him against going overboard. The next target for the angels may be his empire. It has been 500 years since angels last launched an attack. That conflict was referred to by Hinata as The Great Tenma War. She did, however, promise that her empire would back Tempest if that situation ever arose. The two superpowers signed a treaty of non-aggression at the end of the chapter.

Chapter 102 of Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken: Predictions & Spoilers
There has been no announcement on what the next chapter will be titled. However, avid viewers can guess what happens. They (Hinata and the Crusaders) have arrived at the land of the Tempest. This means that additional fan service will undoubtedly be featured in the next chapter 102. Rimuru will see to all of their requirements and show them the finest spots in Tempest. At the same time, Veldora and Luminous will be preoccupied with their ongoing competition.

Rimuru’s attention will turn to the impending celebration after the residents of Lubelius have left. The manga will debut after Light novel volume 9. There will soon be a massive celebration in honour of the inauguration of the Monster capital. However, certain key concerns will also be addressed in Chapter 102. The details of Rimuru’s murder plan are sketchy at best. Who gave Hinata the order to have him killed? Hopefully, that’s something the following chapter can address. A peace treaty signed by demons and humans at the end of Chapter 101 shocked readers.

However, people’s eyes were opened to the truth and it was starting to sink in. The racial divide is beginning to heal. Yet, Rimuru has been cautioned by Hinata not to make a spectacle of himself. Emerging countries are the angels’ main aim, and they destroy them. Because of this, the TenSura world has not progressed as much as it should have. Just what could be the inspiration for such a drive? Soon, the next chapters will start to appear!

Release Date for Chapter 102 of Tensei Shitara’s Slime Datta Ken
The release date was announced by the creators. So there won’t be a long delay for the eager audience. Thankfully, the 102nd chapter of Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken will be released this coming Sunday. The date of its release, November 26, 2022, has been set. In case you’ve missed any of TenSura, fans can read the entire series on Kodansha. As of this writing, there have been no reports of holdups.

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