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Read Blue Lock Chapter 197 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date, New Storyline, Plot & Everything you need to know

In every book, there’s the dreadful possibility that a pivotal chapter may be put on hold for weeks. However, Chapter 197 of Blue Lock is not like that at all! The events of the last chapter have laid the groundwork for what promises to be a compelling narrative arc. The previous one clearly demonstrated a massive fight between Isagi and Yukimiya. Isagi wished that he might form a business collaboration with Yukimiya.

The problem, he discovered, was that this individual cared exclusively about himself. In the forthcoming plot, viewers will learn that not even Chris and Isagi are immune to the mayhem. Chris would not allow Isagi to play his way in the game even if the last goal is preserved. This means that everyone is essentially on their own.

In the Blue Lock manga, “Fantasia” was chapter 196. The ball went across the touchline at the beginning of the chapter. This effectively ended Yukimiya’s moment of glory. Blue Lock employees spectating from the stands afterwards confirmed that narrowly missed disaster. However, Ego remarked that Yukimiya didn’t have many opportunities to score. He was relieved that Chris Prince was able to prevent that goal.

The same, he said, could be said of Nagi’s ultimate objective. The target was already a smash hit online. On the other hand, he saw it as merely a movie and one that he did not find to be very impressive. It’s true that Isagi did make an effort to negotiate with Yukimura toward the end of the chapter. However, he realises that this gamer cared solely about his own score. So, he continued on with his own plan, ignoring the opinions of others.

Blue Lock Chapter 197: Spoilers & Expectations
It has been decided that “Protagonist” will be the name of the next chapter. The title unmistakably refers to Isagi, who has been hanging about since the first goal was scored. The game is about to start again, and Ness will be receiving the ball. The exchange with Yukimiya has left Isagi feeling irritated. He’ll keep beating the youngster quietly as part of the game. Still, Isagi will see that Yukimiya has stolen the ball from a teammate. Now it’s Yukimiya vs Reo. They’ll say how unreasonable Yukki was about everything. By the end of Blue Lock Chapter 197, Isagi will have superimposed his meta vision on top of his egocentric sense of heroism. It remains to be seen, though, if the winning goal can be achieved.

When Will Blue Lock Chapter 197 Be Published?
As of this writing, there is no publicly available information on a precise release delay timetable. With this, readers may catch up on the whole manga in the following 48 hours. On November 23, 2022, the conclusion of Blue Lock, Chapter 197, will be made available. Only on Kodansha’s official sites will readers be able to catch up on the latest chapters of the manga.

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