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[Latest] Spoilers for Kingdom Chapter 740 Raw Scans, Summaries Released Online

As promised, Chapter 740 of Kingdom is being released this week. Previous adventures revealed that Riboku has a pattern of attacking his own fortress. Meanwhile, word arrived that the fortress had no Kanki troops. The Shin guys likewise vanished without a trace. And now is the time for everyone to work together to find a solution to this newly minted war monster. Riboku will dispatch the soldiers to check if there are men at the eastern castle in the next episode. If not, they’ll have a hard time searching this chaotic region for the troops they need.

Recap of chapter 739
The chapter 739 opener, which took place in the Kingdom, set the stage for the chapter’s subsequent events. Kanki learns that Ousen’s soldiers were supposed to arrive to help them. But until then, they had to hold their ground on the battlefield. Maron proposed they remove the flags as a sign of surrender and acceptance of loss. He requested, however, that he call upon the Saki Clan. Now was the moment to rejoin forces.

The siege of the Gian fortress had begun before they could take any action. The lack of Kanki guards on any of the walls was immediately apparent to Riboku. The local Gian inhabitants, we learned, were hiding out in the fortress’s core. On the other hand, there were no soldiers to be found. Then Riboku realised that Kanki’s intended destination was probably the easternmost fortress. At the end of the chapter, Riboku witnessed the most harrowing event of his life.

Kingdom Chapter 740: Spoilers & Predictions
We have yet to learn the chapter’s title or storyline summary. The new chapter has not even been translated into early versions yet this week. Many viewers want to see Kanki’s iconic battle in this instalment. Kanki was not going to give up without a fight, and Riboku knew it. Part of the Riboku force is currently marching toward the eastern fortress. However, it is crucial that a portion of his force is still stationed at the Gian fortress.

The possibility of an assault on the other side of the castle is unknown. The reversal of fortunes in this new chapter promises to be exciting. Still, Shin’s individual strategy will play a role in this decisive phase of the conflict.

Date of Publication for Kingdom Chapter 740
There have been no delays in the publishing of the next episode that has been announced as of this writing. Nonetheless, followers should take this with a grain of salt. On November 20th, 2022, we may anticipate the arrival of Kingdom Chapter 740. Only on Kodansha’s official website will fans be able to read the latest chapters of the manga.

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