Enable Unlocked Framerate: Return to Monkey Island!

Some gamers are unsure about the procedure required to activate Unlocked framerate in Return to Monkey Island. Similarly, there is no option for players to enable this feature via the game’s options. Therefore, the procedures in this article concern the activation of the Unlocked framerate in Return to Monkey Island. Moving on to the article’s main issue, below you’ll discover the most up-to-date instructions for activating Unlocked framerate in the game.

How to Play “Return to Monkey Island” with Unlocked Framerate?
Unlocked framerates are not officially supported in Return to Monkey Island. Nonetheless, the game’s desired frame rate may be adjusted. Just like that, this is a workaround for those who prefer a smoother gameplay experience at a higher framerate. Simply add the following line to the game’s preferences file to do this.

How to update the preferences file to enable higher frame rates: 1) Locate the preferences file on your computer. Similarly, the prefs file’s location varies depending on the operating system.
Second, each system has a unique folder path that must be followed.
LibraryApplication Support on a Mac
A Horrible Plaything
Come back to the Island of the Monkeys
On Windows, your user directory is located at C: Users(your username).
A Horrible Plaything

Let’s go back to the island of Monkey again.
In addition, before entering the directory, make sure that the Show hidden objects option is on. To locate the AppData directory, this is required. The next step is to find the “Perfs.json” file in the folder you’ve chosen as the final resting place.
4. Once you’ve found the prefs file, you’ll need to open it in Notepad. At the very end of the file, type “targetFrameRate: 120” (or any suitable amount; the frame limit is configurable). Keep in mind that the framerate cap of the engine appears to be capped at 240 FPS.
5) When you’re done, select File > Save to save the preferences file. The game’s framerate cap has been removed, so you may play it immediately.

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