Can Return to Monkey Island be played on Linux?

The popularity of playing games on Linux has been rising as of late. A lot of Linux users are probably thinking the same thing about whether or not they can play Return to Monkey Island on their computer now that it has been released. So, this article is about whether or not Linux users may play Return to Monkey Island. Getting back to the article’s primary point, below you’ll find the most up-to-date details on whether or not the game is Linux-compatible.

Is The Secret of Monkey Island playable on Linux?
To put it briefly, yes. As with previous Monkey Island games, Linux users may play Return to Monkey Island. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that Linux users may access the game by downloading Proton. For the time being, there is no official Linux port of the game. That’s because Linux support isn’t “officially optimised” for this game. The game may be played on Linux, however, there are likely to be some problems.

Flatpak Steam/Arch Linux users say the game runs without a hitch. Many gamers have also mentioned having trouble when using Linux to access the game. Similarly, gamers have reported a problem where they see a dark screen with music playing. This implies that a lot of people can’t enjoy the game to their fullest since they can’t do their best. But there is a hack that, according to some gamers, eliminates the black screen problem entirely.
If you’re experiencing a black screen, try this solution.
1) At the outset, start the game and load the initial black screen.
2) The next step is to select the “Maximize” option. That should put an end to the problem.
Thirdly, the game’s black screen problem has been fixed.

As of this writing, the game has not been certified as natively playable on Linux by the folks over at ProtonDB. Currently, Proton can run the game, but there are likely to be some bugs. One question that may be on the minds of gamers is whether or not a native Linux port is in the works. Game designer Ron Gilbert has said that a native Linux port is currently under development.

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