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Quantum Leap’s Reboot Will Finish Some Loose Endings From the Classic Show

For over three decades after the show’s cancellation, fans of the science fiction show Quantum Leap has been left perplexed by the show’s many loose ends. The new NBC revival of the series, airing on Mondays at 10:00 p.m. ET/9:00 PM Central, may, however, provide answers to some of these pressing concerns. The original 1989 Quantum Leap starred Scott Bakula as Dr Sam Beckett, a physicist who attempts to change the past by travelling across time and space. Herbert “Magic” Williams, played by Ernie Hudson, is one of the most enigmatic characters from the original series. In the third season of the original series, Sam makes a quantum jump into Magic’s body.

The question of whether or not Magic recalls this “out-of-body experience” was never resolved in the show’s initial run. A solution to this mystery has thus far eluded us, but Episode 4 of the new relaunch appears to provide us with the explanation we’ve been waiting for. Showrunner Martin Gero has promised that the episode would deal with the departure from the original series in a straightforward manner. From his perspective, “[Magic] does explain that jump,” Gero remarked.

He continues by saying how great Hudson is in the remake. It’s a wonderful monologue that Ernie Hudson delivers. This is a stunning piece of art. For the time being, it’s in contention for my top spot among the highlights from the first few episodes. The quality of this work is extraordinary. But Magic, played by Ernie Hudson, isn’t the only holdover from the first series that will appear in the new one. During production, we were joined by Deborah Pratt, co-creator of the original series and voice of Ziggy, the artificial intelligence unit. Pratt is not only a star of the reboot series but also an executive producer. It was Pratt that Gero referred to when she added, “[s]he’s been a tremendous connection to the prior show and is there every day with us.” ‘As a fan of the original programme, I don’t want anyone to muck it up,’ he concluded. What a privilege it is to have Deborah… For twenty years, she has been insisting, “We need to get the show back.” It’s so exciting, not only to do it but to be able to do it with her.”

Following Ben Song (Raymond Lee), who like Sam Beckett before he makes an unlawful time leap, the new remake takes up 29 years after the end of the first series. The new episode of Quantum Leap airs on NBC at 10:00 p.m. (nine o’clock Central) on Mondays. Peacock will have episodes accessible for streaming the next day.

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