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[Updated] Spoilers for One Piece Episode 1034 Full Storyline, Summaries & What to Expect

In One Piece episode 1034, the Star Hat crew faces several dangers while in the Land of Wano. What will they do to stay alive? Threats to the lives of our beloved pirate crew keep mounting as new foes arise. As if things couldn’t get any worse, their captain has now jumped over the top of Onigashima in a show of apparent defeat. In the previous episode, Luffy fought Kaido on the rooftop of the castle with all his strength despite his exhaustion. It also saw his pals gearing themselves for the arc’s most intense conflicts. Next week on One Piece, episode 1034, titled “Luffy, Defeated! The Straw Hats in Jeopardy?!,” our heroes will take on their most formidable foes to yet. Stay with me here and I’ll fill you in.

When can we expect to watch this episode?
On Sunday, September 25 at roughly 11 am JST, Japanese TV Networks will telecast Episode 1034 of One Piece. Those who live in other countries may have to wait a little while to watch the episode. A table of the episode’s release times, broken down by time zone, can be seen below.
This is a reminder that tonight, September 24th, at 7 o’clock (PST),
This is a reminder that tonight, September 24th, at 9 p.m. central daylight time
On the evening of September 24th, at 10 p.m.
Time: 3 a.m. on September 25th, British Summer Time
This September 25th at 4 a.m., Central European Summer Time
The 25th of September at 7:30 a.m., Indian Standard Time
At 10 a.m. on September 25 (in the Philippines),
Wednesday, September 25 at 11:30 am, Australian Central Daylight Time
Spain, September 25th, 2010 at 10 am CEST
Date: September 25th, 3 am PDT, Latin America

If you’re a fan of One Piece and can’t wait for the episode to air in your region, you can watch it as soon as it airs in Japan on Crunchyroll. We highly recommend that viewers make use of the official streaming service in order to contribute to the series’s full commercial distribution. All the previous episodes of the show are also available on this platform.

In Episode 1034 of One Piece, what can we expect to see?
Luffy is exhausted from the prolonged battle with Kaido. The young pirate has passed out and is now sinking unconscious toward the ocean below Onigashima. In spite of this, Luffy’s seeming loss in One Piece episode 1034 is likely laying the ground for an adaptation of one of the most popular moments from the comic series. The captain of the Straw Hats isn’t the only one in peril; his allies, too, must contend with foes that are mad in their might. Nami and Usopp still need to find a way to get away from the woman with the pink hair, despite Big Mom’s rescue in the last episode.

When it comes to wiping them out, the Yonko are more hellbent than ever. Chopper is similarly struggling to keep up with Queen. Unlike the robot, the doctor is beginning to feel fatigued. Chopper’s bad luck continues as he faces off against Perospero, who unexpectedly showed up on the Live Floor following Chopper’s battle with Wanda and Carrot.

When was the last episode, and what did happen?
Sanji fought off Kaido’s goons while carrying Zoro in the opening moments of Episode 1033 of One Piece. The memories of the Straw Hat’s cook taking care of the swordsman came flooding back. The man met Izo and Kawamatsu on his journey, and they decided to tag along. After Zoro suggested they head to the Live Floor, everyone started making their way there. On the castle’s rooftop, Luffy continued to battle Kaido despite his dwindling health. Nami was getting ready to take on Ulti, the coward who assaulted Otama a few episodes earlier, as the Straw Hat captain fought. Big Mom, however, was the one who successfully defeated the blue-haired lady. Soon after, Luffy became unconscious and began to freefall toward the water.

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