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[Trending] Latest One Piece Chapter 1061 Spoilers, Leaks, Full Storyline & Much More to Read about this Chapter

One Piece Chapter 1061 has been officially released, but teasers and leaks have already begun to circulate online, revealing fresh facts such as the Straw Hats perhaps meeting Vegapunk. There are currently no raw scans of panels available, and just a few clues regarding the next chapter have leaked online. You should probably take this new information with a grain of salt, despite the fact that it has been validated and disseminated online by renowned leakers. More leaks are likely to appear in the days after the release of a new chapter of One Piece, as is customary.

This article may contain spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1061
The Straw Hats had their first encounter with one of the Eleven Supernovas, Bonney, in the prior chapter. The most recent instalments appear to indicate that Bonney will play a significant role in their future journey. They are leaving for Egg Head, the island of the future. Vegapunk, the World Government’s top scientist, is rumoured to call this island home. The scientist known as Vegapunk is responsible for the creation of the Pacifistas and the discovery of the Seastones and Devil Fruits. Vegapunk has been discussed at length but has not made a physical appearance in the narrative.

It appears that the next episode will involve not just the Straw Hats, but also Tashigi and some of the SWORD members. With the youngsters they rescued from Punk Hazard, they’re currently on an island close to Egg Head. Because Koby was kidnapped by the Blackbeard Pirates, Helmeppo has to use Vegapunk’s Seraphim. It was never specified who Helmeppo was speaking with. Given the Marines’ prominence in the leak-based chapter, it seems probable that they will play a significant part in the following arc. Many of the show’s internet followers have made the comparison between these early episodes and the Punk Hazard storyline.

The leaks also reveal that the Straw Hat team has been divided once again. Luffy, Jinbe, Chopper, and Bonney are the ones who have become separated from the rest of the gang.
Near the chapter’s finale, a female character introduces herself as Vegapunk. It’s unclear if this so-called Vegapunk will run into the Straw Hats, and even if she does, whether or not she’s the genuine deal is still unknown.

After all, a G-5 Marine has already referred to Vegapunk as an “old guy.” On September 26 JST, the new chapter of One Piece will be made available to the public. In episode 1061 of “One Piece,” readers are introduced to a new island that may hold the key to revealing the identity of Dr Vegapunk and the nature of the weapons being developed by the World Government. Moreover, it could provide light on one of the most unusual figures of the worst generation, Jewelry Bonney. Community insiders have leaked a slew of spoilers for “One Piece” 1061. They say it’s called “Egg Head, The Isle of the Future,” alluding to the island that supposedly belongs to Dr Vegapunk, the genius scientist working for the marines.

A Marine base is located not far from the island, and several characters from the Punk Hazard story arc are stationed there, including Tashigi and some SWORD agents. Koby’s friend and companion, Helmeppo, the son of the tyrannical Marine Captain Morgan, allegedly wants to “steal” the weapon Seraphim from Vegapunk in order to save Koby. Luffy, Chopper, and Bonney become separated from the rest of the crew in Chapter 1061 of “One Piece.” A female who introduces herself as Vegapunk emerges near the chapter’s finale, according to the teasers.

As the famed mangaka who created “One Piece,” Eiichiro Oda, has promised to explain the secrets of the manga in this arc, many topics that fans have been discussing since the book’s release will likely be resolved. The Egg Head Island has a distinct Punk Hazard atmosphere. It’s conceivable that, like Law, Jewelry Bonney will join forces with the Straw Hats if she survives to the end of the arc. She might also be a tool for learning more about Vegapunk’s background and history. Oda might provide further information about Bonney’s skills and talents. Given her gluttonous nature, it would be fun to see how she stacks up against Luffy’s voracious appetite.

Other fans have speculated that “One Piece” 1061 may provide information regarding the Lulusia Kingdom and what happened to Koby when his connection with Dragon was cut off, despite these plot points not being mentioned in the early disclosures. Maybe we’d get some news regarding Vivi, too. Between Wednesday and Thursday, fans may anticipate further spoilers. While “One Piece” 1061 is slated to officially premiere on Sunday, a synopsis and raw scans might be made available as early as Friday and Saturday.

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